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This weeks car news round-up

Nationwide Vehicle Contracts brings you the top five car news articles from the week just gone, W/E 2 December 2022 

Need your weekly fix of car news? Don't worry, Nationwide Vehicle Contracts has got you covered. We've rounded up our top five car news stories from the week just gone.

Highlights from this week include Vauxhall's new Astra Electric and Astra Sports Tourer Electric, the potential renewed availability of semiconductor chips, and Ford's further investment in their European electrification plan.

Semiconductor chip shortage could soon come to an end 

Because of a drop in demand for semiconductor chips in the electrical industry, the automotive industry could benefit from oversupply in the coming months.

As the consumer stares down the barrel of a global recession, overheads are trying to be cut. As a result, people are spending less on high-tech goods, which frees up the availability of semiconductor chips.

This oversupply could be heading towards the automotive industry, which has been plagued by a shortage of the microchips in 2022.

Although car buyers may not see a change right away with manufacturer's trying to clear the backlog created over the pandemic, it's a good sign that normality could be returning.

Vauxhall reveals Astra Electric and Astra Sports Tourer Electric   

The French manufacturer has announced that the all-new Astra Electric and Astra Sports Tourer Electric will join their line-up in 2023.

The introduction of the Astra Electric and Astra Sports Tourer Electric increases Vauxhall's all-electric passenger cars to six models. This is another step in the right direction for Vauxhall as they plan to become all electric from 2028.

Both all-electric models will be powered by a 114kW electric motor and a 54kwH battery, achieving 258 miles between charges and having a top speed of 105mph.


The all-new Astra Electric (front) and Astra Sports Touring Electric (back)

Research shows dogs are more relaxed in EVs    

Research conducted by the University of Lincoln and CarGurus has shown that dogs are more settled and show fewer signs of car sickness in electric cars than in diesel.

The study was carried out using twenty dogs, each taken on a ten-minute journey in both an electric and a diesel car. After each journey, the dogs were analysed based on their behaviour.

The results found that in the electric car, the dogs broke their laying position 50% less and felt less nauseous, with their heart rate decreasing by up to 30%.

'Cullinan - Inspired by Fashion' exclusive new Rolls-Royce series   

Rolls-Royce has showcased its new 'Cullinan – Inspired by Fashion' series at the Art Basel festival in Miami.

The series features two collections, the Re-Belle and the Fu-Shion, which reflect the latest couture trends and display the bespoke possibilities available with cars.

Two colours are available for each collection. The Re-Belle is available in either lime green or peony pink, whilst the Fu-Shion is available in mandarin or forge yellow. For those who want to splash out, you can also get a matching luggage collection that compliments your chosen interior theme.


'Cullinan - Inspired by Fashion' Re-Belle collection

Ford's first European electric car facility at Halewood, Merseyside    

Ford has announced that it's investing a further £125 million in its Halewood Plant in Merseyside, making it Ford's first European electric car facility.

The latest investment raises the total to £380 million. It shows a remarkable statement of intent that Ford intends to meet the EU's target of manufacturers building zero-emission vehicles only by 2035.

This will increase the annual production of electric power units to 420,000, which will feature in 70% of all Ford EVs sold in Europe by 2026. The investment will also create 500 jobs and help boost the local economy.

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