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Nationwide Vehicle Contracts showcases the latest and coolest car features that can be accessed through car leasing.

Technology in modern lease cars is simply incredible. Get behind the wheel, and you have an inventory of the latest gadgets and systems at your disposal.

As always, we want to get our hands on these features, but it can be costly. However, car leasing can make it more affordable by spreading the cost over your contract term, allowing you to drive a car with the latest technology.

From advanced infotainment systems to automated parking assist, in this blog, we explore some of the coolest technology features that modern lease cars have.

Advanced Infotainment Systems 

The first thing you'll notice when you sit down in modern cars is the state-of-the-art infotainment systems on the dashboard. Often coming with large displays and a range of features, modern infotainment systems are great to use and add to the overall driver experience.

Turn the car on and the infotainment system will appear, featuring a menu with a range of features such as Bluetooth, music, climate control, and navigation. The more advanced systems even feature apps such as YouTube and Netflix.

With most modern infotainment systems, you'll find:

  • Voice Command – In some cars, you can control the infotainment system with your voice, allowing you to change car settings without taking your eyes off the road or hands off the wheel.
  • Smartphone Integration – You can integrate a smartphone to some infotainment systems through Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. This shows notifications on the display, allows you to accept phone calls and play music.
  • Navigation – Modern systems often include GPS navigation with real-time traffic updates, making it much easier to get from A to B.
  • App Ecosystems – Some advanced systems feature an app ecosystem that allows users to download and install apps onto their infotainment system, like Netflix, YouTube, or even video games.

The infotainment system in the Mercedes S-Class

Driver Assistance Technologies

Driver-assistance technologies have drastically transformed our driving experience by enhancing both safety and convenience. The two most common systems in most modern lease cars are adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist.

Adaptive cruise control uses sensors to monitor the traffic ahead, then automatically adjusts the car's speed to ensure no collisions occur. This is great for long-distance driving and helps avoid driver fatigue.

Lane-keep assist uses sensors to monitor lane markings and provide steering input to guide the vehicle back into lane if the car begins to drift out. This prevents collisions on the road and keeps drivers as safe as possible.

On top of these two, some manufacturers like Volvo go the extra mile to ensure passenger safety. Other systems include driver alertness technology, occupant sensing, cyclist and pedestrian detection, and even autopilot. 

Yes, you heard that right, autopilot! I'd expect to see much more self-driving technology in the near future. 

High-End Audio Systems 

So, you can play your music through smartphone connectivity, but how do modern cars make the most of this? Well, manufacturers fit them with premium audio systems and collaborate with renowned audio brands to bring the nightclub to your car.

Brands such as Bang and Olufsen, Harman Kardon, and Meridian Audio are being used more and more by manufacturers to offer their drivers the best sound system possible.

Some lease cars feature surround sound, which is an audio technology that uses multiple audio channels from speakers that listener. This means that every passenger has the best music experience possible.

Panoramic Sunroofs

Panoramic sunroofs bring a sense of space and natural light to modern lease cars. By stretching across most of the vehicle's roof, the panoramic glass panels invite the outdoors in provide passengers with a new dimension of views.

Panoramic sunroofs elevate the driving experience by creating an airy and cheerful ambience, and because you can tilt the sunroof open, you get a breath of fresh air as well.

They are great if you've got children, providing them with hours of entertainment as they can look out the roof at the sky above. Check out the sunroof in the Tesla Model S below:

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging pads are becoming more common in modern lease cars, allowing drivers and passengers to charge their smartphones without the hassle of tangled cords.

The charging pad is often integrated into the centre console or dashboard, meaning it's easily accessible.

Perfect for longer journeys, charging pads enable drivers to maintain power for navigation, music streaming, and communication.

Keyless Entry and Start 

Keyless entry/start is another technology becoming increasingly common in modern lease cars. Although not a major feature, keyless entry/start is a nice addition to cars and adds to driver convenience.

Keyless entry works by the car automatically unlocking the doors for you by sensing when the fob is nearby. As you leave the vehicle, it will lock itself once you've turned off the engine, left the vehicle, closed the doors and walked away.

Keyless start does what it says on the tin; you start the car without a key. Simply get behind the wheel, put the clutch down, press the on button, and the ignition will turn on. Easy as that!

Heated and Ventilated Seats 

In my opinion, heated and ventilated seats are the underrated modern technology of lease cars. Circulating air through tiny perforations in the seat upholstery, heated seats keep you warm in winter, while ventilated seats keep you cool during summer.

This helps create a relaxing driving experience in your car. Think about it, whether it's hot or cold, one of the first things you'll do after you get in your car is faff around with the air conditioning or heating, which can be stressful. With heated or ventilated seats, you simply have to sit down and enjoy the journey.

Also, they massively increase comfort and relaxation. Heated seats help reduce tension in your muscles, making for a spa-like experience. Furthermore, ventilated seats prevent sweat and your body from sticking to the seat, allowing for a more comfortable journey.

Adaptive Headlights 

Adaptive headlights adjust their direction and intensity based on driving conditions and input from sensors. Using data like steering angle, speed, and exterior light, adaptive headlights can swivel as the car turns, providing improved visibility around corners.

They are most beneficial when driving down poorly lit roads, as they illuminate the road ahead more effectively, giving you more of an idea of what's ahead and reducing the risk of accidents.

Smart Climate Control  

Smart climate control serves the same purpose as traditional air conditioning; to control the car's temperature. But it does it in a more intricate and personal way.  

Climate control allows you to set the temperature of the car you'd like. Then the system will automatically monitor the temperature of the cabin to reach and maintain this temperature.

You don't have to adjust the temperature manually; the car will do it for you. For example, if it's a hot day outside, the car will increase cool air to meet your preferred temperature, while on the other hand, if it's a cold day, it will turn the heating on.

Automatic Parking Assist 

Struggle with parking? Don't worry; some modern lease cars now have automatic parking assist to help manoeuvre you into those tight spaces. Parking assist uses an array of sensors and cameras around the car to judge how big a space is.

Press the parking assist button in your car, and it will begin scanning for a space big enough for your vehicle as you drive along. Once a suitable space has been found, the car will steer you into the space. Some systems will do the accelerator and brakes for you, but regardless, there will be a display with instructions for you.

Parking assist is great if you live or commute to a city, as it will save you a lot of time and stress by simply parking the car for you.

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