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Top 10 Tips for Driving in the Dark

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By Alex
Person driving in the dark

Nationwide Vehicle Contracts provides expert advice for driving in the dark.

Ensure Proper Headlight Use

Motorway at night lit up by headlights

Increase Visibility with Reflective Gear

Car reflecting light

Stay Alert and Minimise Distractions

Two hands on the steering wheel

Maintain a Safe Following Distance

Driving on the motorway with cars in front

Dim the Instrument Panel

Car instrument panel with red lights

Regular Eye Checkups

Eye check up with man and woman

Be Aware of Wildlife and Pedestrians

Three people walking alongside road at night

Take Regular Breaks

Man sitting on roof of car with sunset in background

Use Fog Lights

Truck driving on road in foggy conditions

Take a Defensive Driving Course

Man driving car with both hands on the steering wheel


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