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The very mention of the Batman can send chills down the wrongdoer’s spine. Hunting in the shadows, the character comes packed with an arsenal of goodies meant to take down his greatest foes in the most effective manner possible. Of these, perhaps the most well known have been his cars, or batmobiles, that have altered with every new batman comic book, television show, and movie. With such a flurry of amazing vehicles, some have grown to be fan favourites, becoming synonymous with particular incarnation of the hero. In honour of the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises, here is a list of the very best vehicles that Batman ever drove:


5) Batmobile from 1960’s Batman

- based on a 1955 Lincoln Futura, this batmobile epitomized the kids-friendly 1960’s batman starring Adam West as the caped crusader. Already sporting many bat-like features, the nose of the car was converted to look more like a bat, coinciding with many of the early 1940’s Batman comics. Coming with an assortment of quirky gadgets like the ‘atomic turbine engine,’ it was a car truly representative of the groovy 60’s.


4) The Tank from Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

- Simply called the Tank, the vehicle is by far the largest batmobile, taking up some three lanes on a highway.  Created by Frank Miller in his astounding graphic novel titled The Dark Knight Returns,” the vehicle was driven by an old Batman who was forced out of retirement to save the city of Gotham once more. Used to battle against an enemy armed to their teeth, it was a realistic example of the equipment needed to perform a necessary task.


3) Batmobile from Batman: The Animated Series

- Clearly influenced by Tim Burton’s creation, this elongated vehicle represents the epitome of Batman’s dark styling’s and resilience. It’s a reminder of a time in the early 1990’s when children all across North America woke up on Saturday mornings to watch the capped crusader take on his most dreaded villains, zooming onto the scene in a car worthy of his name.


2) Batmobile from Tim Burton’s films

- A vehicle that set the trend for a generation, Tim Burton’s creation was a mixture of fantasy as well as practicality, offering Batman a truly expansive arsenal. Indeed, so great was this vehicles capability that it could turn 180 degrees in tight corners, get a boost from its jet engine, as well as activate shields that effortlessly bounce bullets. Invincible by modern standards, it sets the tone for all Batman incarnations that have come after.


1) The Tumbler from Christopher Nolan’s films

- A vehicle that fuses realism and ingenuity, this batmobile looks like a vehicle that can go anywhere and do anything. First introduced in Christopher Nolans “Batman Begins,” it starred in all three of his works, becoming Batman’s car in the modern era. Not to be outdone, when the vehicle is fatally damaged it’s also capable of turning into the sleek motorcycle called the batpod, giving the batman yet another way to defeat his many enemies. Capable of blending into the dark in hot pursuits and jumping off rooftops, this vehicle is as resilient tank in a more stunning shell.