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Nationwide Vehicle Contracts has scoured the Internet to find the best car hacks to help you save you money.

1. De-ice a lock with hand sanitizer

How many mornings you have been late at work because your lock has iced up due to the low temperatures? The solution comes not from an expensive car de-icer but from your hand sanitizer. This little bottle contains a high amount of alcohol which can break down the ice. Simply pour some hand sanitizer on the key, and using the key as the delivery device, try to insert as much hand sanitizer into the lock as possible. You are also advised to push with care and try to open without forcing the lock.

2. Use an old phone as a dashboard camera

There are various reasons why you should consider to set up a dash cam in your car such as to help you to settle insurance claims and save money from your insurance. However, it is not necessary to buy an expensive dashboard camera for your vehicle as you can simply use your old phone. All you need is a mobile car holder, a charging cable and a special phone application and you are ready to go. 

3. Clean your lights with a toothpaste 

Another common problem for motorists is the dirty headlights that cannot not only result in limited vision but also cause an accident. Of course you can head off to your closest superstore to buy a special cleaning kit but why not try cleaning them with your regular toothpaste? All you need is toothpaste, an old rag and a bit of water.

4. Check the air pressure in your car tyres regularly

Did you know that the air pressure in tyres can directly affect your fuel economy? In fact, every time you keep your tyres inflated to the appropriate pressure you save money. Also, underinflated tyres have a higher risk to provoke an accident and they wear out faster than expected. 

5. Hang a shoe organiser on the back of the seat

If you have a family then you know that your car will never be totally organised with your kids messing around in the back seats. However, there is an easy trick to keep your car a little bit more organised - you just need to place a shoe organiser on the back of the seat where the kids can put all their stuff. This idea is also great for road trips. 

Have you ever tried any of the above car hacks? Let us know by leaving a message below.