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Each year we're greeted with a flurry of driving games that make our hearts skip a beat. With titles ranging from the realistic to the ridiculous, each provides us with a completely different experience, challenging us to take on the virtual road. But with so much to select from, which games should you buy and when? In order to help you along your way in the 2013, we at Nationwide Vehicle Contracts have narrowed down the most anticipated games for the year ahead. Get ready to race, it’s gonna be one heck of a ride!

#5- Carmageddon: Reincarnation (Release: Q3/Q4)

As you may have guessed, the Carmageddon series is all about destruction. Introduced in the late 1990’s, it forced users to race against their competitors while racking up points by destroying everything in their environment. It was the first game to allow you to go on bloodthirsty rampages on such a monstrous scale and now it seems that the game is back to give us more!


#4- F1 2013 (Release: Q4)

The F1 series has been making a name for itself since it was rebooted in 2009. Developed by Codemasters, the game strives to give the player the most realistic F1 experience possible. It does this year after year by improving graphics, sound, and little details about the driving experience that makes it feel like you’re actually Jenson Button. If next years edition is anything like F1 2012, it’s surely going to be amazing ride.


#3- Grid 2 (Release: Q2/Q3)

This hot touring series has been the talk of the town since it the original Grid was released in 2008. Perhaps the most punishing driving experience around, Grid games utilising a unique ‘flashback’ mechanic that allows the player to rewind time up to ten seconds. Featuring modes that spread out over tracks in the United States, Europe, and Japan, this series truly has it all for the driving fanatic.


#2- Wii U Super Mario Kart (Release: TBC)

With more speculation than confirmation, 2013 may be the year that we finally see the latest Super Mario Kart game. A title that allows you to race as your favourite Nintendo character on punishing tracks, the series has had a warm place in our nerdy hearts since the classic title was released on the N64. While we still may have to wait to see this flagship title, it’s only a matter of time before Nintendo gives in.


#1- Grand Theft Auto V (Release: Q2/Q3)

Easily the most anticipated game of 2013, the Grand Theft Auto series is perhaps the best driving game around. Between death defying car stunts and heist jobs, it allows you to steal any car and drive it around the city to your hearts content. Insulting, violent, and incredibly entertaining, it simply doesn't get better than this.