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Different vehicles make their way into films every day. With many super fast bikes and ultra futuristic cars, the neglected van is left forgotten in the shed. With only 4 wheels and a large metal covering, it does not appear to be the most aesthetically pleasing vehicle; however, this list will hope to rejuvenate some of that nostalgia for this mode of transportation, pointing to the most memorable films and their vans.

Little Miss Sunshine

With the whole film being set in the Volkswagen T2 Microbus, the van literally is the stage of the film. It is a place for tension, resolution, and ultimately fun as the dark comedy progresses. Instantly loveable and certainly memorable, the yellow van holds a special place in the halls of film history.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

The coming-of-age teen comedy from 1982 uses the ever popular Volkswagen as a crucial tool in the story: a stoner van. It is a vehicle to escape the problems of everyday life and simply live in the moment.


The Mystery Machine is without a doubt one of the most recognizable vans in TV and film history. When Scooby and the gang hear about a new strange story they jump into this van extraordinaire and hit the road to explore!

Dumb and Dumber

Not only a mode of transportation but also a place of work, this mobile pet grooming van known as the Mutt Cutts Van is simply the best decorated van on the list. Lovable and odd at the same time, it’ll leave you feeling perplexed.


There is no van in creation that can come close to the ultimate glory of the A-Team van. This vehicle has it all: style, glamor, and a colour scheme to die for. It is the greatest arsenal in a one-man army and it doesn’t take prisoners. This GMC vehicle is the ultimate form of transportation not to be missed. Guaranteed to impress the ladies and men alike, it doesn’t get better than this.

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