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His name is Bond, James Bond, and he drives some of the sexiest and sleekest cars on the planet. From ejecting passenger seats to rocket launches, the sleek arsenal of deadly gadgets pack quite a punch. Engineered by MI6’s Q, they are incredibly versatile and come in many shapes, each better than the last. This is the top 5 list of the best, launching their way into your television and movie screens.

#5- Lotus Esprit

Starting off the list with the car that drive its way into our heart was the Lotus from The Spy Who Loved Me. Nicknamed the Wet Nellie it had one special advantage not previously seen in Q’s cars: it could go under water. Armed with Depth charges, missiles, as well as torpedoes, at a flick of a switch bond activates a car that can dominate any terrain.

#4- Aston Martin Vanquish

Bursting onto the scene in Die Another Day, it was a play on the old Aston that defined the series. Likewise, it pays homage on the inside to the original Aston with ejector seats and rockets. Were it differs however is its cloaking system that makes the car completely invisible as well as, if the environment calls for it, the spiked wheels that allow for greater mobility.

#3- Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Looking and sounding like thunder, rumbling across the road, Bond was well on his way to road domination with this ride. Armed with spiked tyres, missiles, and even the small addition of a laser, this car had it all. When caught in a jam this car even had the added advantage of a rocket engine to leave your enemy in the dust.

#2- BMW 750iL

Combining sport and luxury, in Tomorrow Never Dies we learned that the car not only have inflatable tires as well as the potentially of throwing spikes all over the floor, but it can also be controlled from a mobile phone from the drivers seat. Q specifically chose this vehicle, and indeed the German voice navigation system, to keep Bond safe and fighting on.

#1- Aston Martin DB5

The carmaker that defined the character, there is perhaps no better vehicle that defines Bond like the Aston Martin DB5. First seen driven by Sean Connery in Goldfinger, before this cars were only used for transportation. Now they are loaded with machine guns, bullet proof glace, ejector seats, and even small refrigerator for that bottle of Champaign. Stuns both gentlemen and ladies alike, it doesn’t get much better than this.