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Image via Flickr user: PrimeImageMedia.com

The worldwide consumer electronics tradeshow, better known as CES, has been bringing together industries from around the world for decades. Each company unveils the latest and most advanced piece of technology they have created, enthralling audience members with their creation. In order to bring you the best and latest news from the show, we at Nationwide Vehicle Contracts are counting down the top five car tech trends exhibited at this years event. So sit back, relax, and get ready to be transported into the future!

#5- App, App, everywhere an App

Some of the most popular innovation at CES came in the form of apps. Covering a vast array of fields, one of the most exciting included the Ford Sync system that came with a voice-activated app called Roximity which is aimed at finding restaurants and businesses in your proximity. Similarly, Chevrolet previewed their AppShop which allowed for drivers to download anything from audio to diagnostic apps straight into their cars. However, perhaps the most impressive was Mercedes-Benz Command Online, which combined Yelp, Facebook, Pandora as well as other apps in one massive system.

#4- All Your Audio Needs

Industry experts have also exhibited some really powerful music and audio systems that will have you singing in your cars for years to come. The first impressive development came from Porsche. Called he Aha it is a smartphone-based service that allows drivers to tap into over 30,000 channels from internet radio to audio books. This was rivaled by the Sirius XM Lynx tuner which is a radio system designed to be used as a portable player that comes with Wi-Fi as well as obviously satellite radio.

#3- Android-Vehicle Synergy

CES also previewed some amazing new innovations in open-source software. The single most impressive of these was the Open Automotive Alliance which teams up Google with GM, Honda as well as Audi through their famous Android system. The same one that is found in many smartphones and tablets is predicted to come to cars by the end of the year, making this a particularly important development.

#2- Hydrogen Power

In another bit of exciting news, Toyota unveiled a prototype that is setting a trend for future development. They revealed a four-passenger vehicle called the FCV that promises a 310-mile range, speeds of over 100mph, and a 0-62mph time of 10 seconds. While this would seem pretty impressive for a modern day car, this car does it by using two hydrogen tanks that blend hydrogen with oxygen to generate thrust as well as emit water.

#1- Driverless Cars of the Future

While the above developments were pretty impressive, perhaps the most interesting trend seen at CES is the move to driverless cars. BMW was one of the first to preview their autonomous car, displaying a 6 series that tackled wet corners as well as a slalom all by itself. Following close on their heels was Audi, who revealed their prototype autonomous car. While the presentation may not have been as glitzy as BMW’S, the Audi still impressed audiences by driving up the stage and stopping, utilizing the latest lasers and radar to accomplish this task. As you can imagine, this development promises to change the way we use our cars and see their function, potentially altering our futures forever. Let’s hope that companies continue to experiment with this trend, releasing more exciting cars in the years ahead.