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Top Gear Live

A Message From Your Leader

Top Gear Live is returning. Jeremy Clarkson clears his throat (the sound resembles a nightmare military physical), and prepares to address his people.

“People of Scotland,” he proclaimed, “we have good news.

“Our ambitious arena show which is known all over the world is coming north of the border for the very first time. We will see you there… unless you’ve got anything better to do!”

Top Gear Live In Scotland

The tickets for the first ever Scottish dates for Top Gear Live go on sale on 9am on Friday October 4. At the time of writing, that's some ten hours hence. However, as few people will be checking the news feed of a vehicle leasing company so late at night (even if said company is the best in the business), by the time you read this, the tickets will most likely already be on sale.

Hence the use of the present tense in the title of this post. Apologies if that caused any confusion. Still. Even if you are reading this on the evening of Thursday October 3, you won't have long to wait. You might even have an edge in the bloodsport of buying!

Demand is, after all, likely to be high. This will be the first time Top Gear Live ever heads to Scotland. Three shows are planned at Glasgow's SSE Hydro, taking place on the weekend of January 18-19 2014.

What To Expect From Top Gear Live 2014

Sights! Sounds! Spectacle! Stig!

Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May and The Stig will be there to preside over all manner of loud and irresponsible driving madness.

Over 12,000 people have already registered for tickets. Now, whilst the new SSE Hydro has a capacity of 12,000, you'd think there'd be room enough for everyone – especially over the course of three days.

Not so. To accommodate all the cars, stunts and challenges, the SSE Hydro will be reconfigured to a capacity of just 8,000 seats. Crikey! Best get up bright and early if you want to stand a ghost of a chance!

Each Top Gear Live performance lasts for 90 minutes. Two are schedules for Saturday January 18 – one at 15:30 and one at 19:30. The final one takes place on Sunday January 19 at 14:00.

Not including booking fees, tickets are priced at £49, £69 and £89.

For more information, visit the Top Gear Live website.

Good luck!