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The Top Gear Live Stunt Team are planning what might well be their most ambitious stunt yet.

They intend to break a world record through being the first motorists to successfully realise a double loop-the-loop.

The “Deadly 720” is a terrifying stunt which has never been performed before. It's to be staged in front of record crowds during four action-packed shows at South Africa's Top Gear Festival, 16-17 June.

It's the latest in a succession of nail-biting stunts undertaken by the Top Gear Live Stunt Team. They were the first to successfully complete a single loop-the-loop in an indoor arena, but now they're going for something twice as hard.

The stunt will be attempted in a specially converted buggy fitted with hand controls designed to lock out the accelerator pedal – otherwise, extreme G0forces would thrust the driver's foot onto the standard throttle – a mishap which would almost certainly result in a crash.

They've thought of everything: On the dashboard is fitted a large switch that shifts from red to green when the buggy is travelling at precisely the required velocity to complete the loops.

The margin of error is almost non-existent. Should the buggy enter the loop just 2mph too slow, they'll fall out of the loop. On the other hand, a small increase in speed will result in such increases in G-force that the driver will black out.

Says Top Gear Live Director Rowland French: “Absolutely everything has to be in perfect alignment from the suspension compression and precise steering angle to the exact speed of entry.”

“If one element falls out of sync, there is no chance of the driver making the second loop. It is this split second nature of the stunt that allows so much to go wrong, and [that's] what terrifies me.”

So. Will they make it?

We'll just have to wait and see.