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The furor surrounding Halloween 2010 has finally subsided after the UK went mad for all things macabre last weekend. On Saturday night I witnessed all manner of outlandish costumes, from the predictable Scream masks and Freddy Kruger gloves to more original concoctions like a Clockwork Orange character and a Grim Reaper complete with skeleton hands, I even saw a crowd of Zombies staggering out the pub, though I’m not sure if they were in character or just intoxicated!

The best effort of the weekend however came from a bunch of trick or treaters on Sunday. Not only did the four kids at my door all have near perfectly accurate homemade Ghostbusters outfits, a glance out onto the road confirmed that they had all piled their dad’s BMW 3 Series Estate that was decorated to look like the famous ‘Ectomobile’ from the film! The white 3 Series came complete with authentic Ghostbusters logo decals and a pile of stuff on the roof-rack that looked like it could be genuine ghoul-catching paraphernalia!

This got me thinking about the best Halloween-themed cars in popular culture, here is my top 5 rundown:

  1. The Batmobile

The Batmobile is surely the cream of the crop when it comes to creepy cars. Low and sleek, it matches any supercar on the market today for looks. Speed won’t be a problem either with the rear mounted jet engine that spits out a plume of flames upon acceleration, propelling Bruce Wayne’s ride to epic speed and scorching some bad guys on the way.

2. The Grave Digger

Those of you not familiar with American Monster truck racing, which presumably is most of you, won’t know about the grave digger; allow me to explain! The Grave Digger competes in the United States Hot Rod Association ‘Monster Jam’ series, a kind of Formula 1 for Monster trucks but with jumps and clapped out 1950’s Chevys thrown in. The Grave Digger is arguably the most iconic truck in history with its distinctive spooky black and green paint job depicting graveyard scenes!

3. The Mystery Machine

Those who loved Scooby Doo as a kid will be familiar with this camper van sporting distinctive, psychedelic colours. Perhaps the least spooky looking of the bunch, this old-style people carrier would look more at home in the Woodstock car park than outside a haunted hose. Despite its innocent appearance it served Scooby, Shaggy, Velma and the gang well on their cryptic crusades.

4. Christine

This affectionately named 1950’s Plymouth betrayed its cute moniker and quirky looks in the 1983 Horror film of the same name. In Christine, the possessed vehicle passes on its traits to its owner who transforms from a high school nerd to a violent killer after he finds and repairs the car.

5. The Ectomobile

My personal favourite of the bunch, the Ectomobile isn’t the fastest or coolest vehicle here, but there was something magical about watching it scythe through the New York traffic with its sirens blearing en route to the ‘Busters next fiendish find.