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Vauxhall's latest panel van has so much going for it.

The Vauxhall Vivaro ecoFLEX Euro 5 panel vanis British-built, which alone will invite many nods of approval. It's staying power, though, is assured by impressively low CO2 emissions for a commercial vehicle – just 180g/km with a combined fuel economy of 40.9mpg.

Vauxhall have worked out that the ecoFLEX Vauxhall Vivaro could therefore save you over £800 when compared to a standard version, which runs at 198g/km and 37.6mpg.

For this we can thank in part the Vivaro ecoFLEX's 90-litre fuel tank which makes the vehicle capable of over 800 miles on a single tank of fuel. As Vauxhall so helpfully point out, that's like driving from Maidstone to Milan or Bristol to Brussels and back – all on a single tank.

Green technology sweetens the deal with such features as exhaust gas circulation cooling and optimised gear ratios designed to ensure that every drop of fuel is made to count.

But if these savings aren't enough for you, Vauxhall will have you know that you can save even more with the help of a fixed speed limiter which makes for CO2 levels as low as 174g/km and a combined fuel economy of up to 42.7mpg.

Says Vauxhall's Steve Bryant: “The New Vivaro ecoFLEX Euro 5 gives our customers improved fuel economy and lower CO2.

“Fuel economy and green credentials are top priorities for our customers looking to reduce running costs and the carbon footprint of their vehicles or fleets.”

Got it in one, Steve. Got it in one.

The Vauxhall Vivaro ecoFlex Euro 5 is in showrooms now.