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Volkswagen Amarok

Pick-Up If You're There

4x4 Magazine have named the Volkswagen Amarok their 2014 Pick-Up of the Year.

It's generally agreed that what 4x4 Magazine don't know about practical off-road vehicles really isn't worth knowing. This is high praise indeed for the Volkswagen Amarok.

Isn't it funny, though, how car awards function like Christmas annuals? I used to find it ever so confusing to receive a 1996 Beano Annual when it was clearly 1995. It had to be explained to me, at least once a year, that the annual was supposed to see me through until next year.

This Pick-Up of the Year award, then, is good until this time next year. The Volkswagen Amarok can lay claim to the title for a good 12 months yet. Good for them.

How The Volkswagen Amarok Became the Pick-Up of The Year

It's a common misconception, but 4x4 Magazine don't just dole out these accolades willy-nilly. They reach the decision after countless hours of painstaking deliberation, refusing to arrive at a conclusion until they're absolutely sure that the car in question is worthy of the title.

When approaching their 2014 Pick-Up of The Year award, 4x4 Magazine had a short-list of seven cars, each of which was subjected to intense scrutiny. Cars were judged according to their off-road ability, their everyday performance, their overall value for money and, perhaps most important of all, their usefulness as a working vehicle. From towing capacity to engine capability, no stone was left unturned in the desperate battle to find the 2014 Pick-Up of the Year.

And yet, throughout the prolonged merciless drama of testing, again and again the Volkswagen Amarok came out fighting. It was praised for its four-wheel-drive 4MOTION technology, which incorporates an Electronic Stabilisation Programme, an Electronic Differential Lock, an Anti-lock Braking System and Anti-Slip Regulation to give a driver total control on any surface.

Praise was also heaped upon the 2.0 litre 178bhp BiTDI turbo diesel engine and eight-speed automatic gearbox, both of which grant the Volkswagen Amarok with a superior responsive drive.

The Highly Decorated Volkswagen Amarok

The 4x4 Magazine 2014 Pick-Up of the Year is the eighth trophy won by the Volkswagen Amarok since its 2011 UK launch. Says 4x4 Magazine editor Nigel Fryatt: "The range of pick-ups available in the UK market is extensive.

“All the vehicles we tested were very similar in terms of being diesel-powered, double cab vehicles, with standard load beds. However, when it came to the Volkswagen Amarok it was obvious that it was a clear winner.

“The Amarok has the best engine of the group, both in terms of on-road response, and off-road ability. When coupled to the excellent eight speed automatic gearbox there could only be one winner."

The Volkswagen Amarok is remarkable in that, despite its relatively compact size, its 2.0 litre common rail diesel engine renders it just as powerful as a larger capacity unit, yet significantly more efficient. Indeed, it has some of the lowest emissions in the sector, and was the first model of its kind to dip under the 200g/km CO2 emission threshold.

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