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With the Detroit Auto Show now in full swing, manufacturers around the world are trying to impress audience members with their latest concept cars. This week we’ve seen some pretty amazing contenders, with the Volkswagen Beetle Dune Concept gather quite a bit of attention. While the company has not offered much information about this exciting new car, here’s what we managed to gather.

The company has also revealed that the Beetle Dune takes some cues from the January 2000 model that Volkswagen showed at the Los Angeles Motor Show. This return to their past heritage allows Bug lovers to trace its development over the years, witnessing many of the changes that have occurred in the company as well as the model itself.

The Volkswagen Group has revealed that the latest version of the Beetle adds “a cool, rugged off-road look” to an already iconic brand. Amongst the many additions the company has raised the vehicles body by 50mm compared to the standard car as well as added 19-inch wheels armed with large all-terrain tires.

VW 2

Volkswagen designers have also made it season proof with a rear-mounted rack that is reminiscent of the classic Beetles. Those that like to hit the slopes in the winter can pile on their skis on top, while summer enthusiasts can use it as the ideal mode of transport for their surfboards.

Of course, an off-road vehicle wouldn’t be worth much if it didn’t come with some power to boot. While details are still spars, the company revealed that it will be using  “the same 210 PS turbocharged petrol engine and six-speed DSG gearbox, providing power to the front wheels.” That should be more than enough for the average off-road experience, making it a perfect choice for those with a travel bug.

Those interested in seeing the vehicle for themselves are invited to come to the North American International Auto Show on the 13th of January. It is already proving to be quite a show an amazing show with more than its fair share of brilliant cars.