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Car manufactures around the world have been struggling to produce the most environmentally friendly car.  While electric and hybrid vehicles have long been praised for their contributions, their developments have nonetheless been plagued by problems related to cost and inefficiency. Ready to take on this problem, researchers have devised a new power source that may change the game entirely, possible ushering in a technological revolution.

The new contender comes out of Pakistan where a team of engineers claim to have built a car that runs entirely on water. Media reporters have explained that the technology uses hydrogen bonding “with distilled water produces hydrogen gas to run the car.”

Dubbed the “water fuel kit project,” researchers noted that the car’s system can be fuelled by water instead of petrol or CNG. Those that worked on the project claim that “that on one litre of water a 1000 CC car can cover a distance of 40 km and a motorbike can run up to 150 km using this technology.”

Headed by Waqar Ahmad, he demonstrated his invention by driving it on Thursday in a demonstration to parliament members as well as researchers from Dawn. Reporters from IBN noted that onlookers were taken aback by his kit, with religious affairs minister Syed Khurshid Ahmad Shah telling the team that they have the governments full support in this venture. Indeed, even Prime Minsiter Raja Pervez Ashraf and Finance Minister Hafeez Shaikh said that “"We own this project and are committed to successfully completing it.” He went on to say that the project is “this years's Independence Day gift to the nation.”

Of course we’ll see how amazing this invention is once more testing is conducted. Indeed, inefficient electrolyzing water to oxygen and hydrogen has already been available for quite some time. Some have suggested that Nikola Tesla already invented this technology over a century ago and that this development is far from unique. However, those projects in the past tend to be quite costly, making them ineffective in the current market. Analysts suggest that for this new “Water fuel kit” to gain any speed it must work effectively and be cheap to manufacturer. Let us hope that this system that has gotten so much praise works as well as the researchers hope.