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Well, it was always going to happen. It seems that snowfall – and all the accompanying chaos – is now and forever to be a staple of UK winters.

Luckily, though, this year we got off comparatively lightly.

Anyone who suffered from a fractured leg, a crushed bumper or a case of the sniffles might have something to say about that, but consider how already it's warming up, and as early as Sunday morning the snow had begun to melt.

This is nothing like as bad as the previous few winters where the snow came as part of a long cold snap. This year, the sudden melting will lead to a lot less lethal ice. This, in turn, will lead to a lot less headaches all round.

Nonetheless, the weekend's snow caused no less than 24 separate traffic jams of three or more hours across the country.

Thanks to TomTom, we have a top ten list of the worst areas of snow-based chaos in the country.

Coming out on top was the M11 from London to Cambridgeshire. Anyone caught in the delay of seven and a quarter hours on Sunday morning will have a lot to say about my “comparatively lightly” hypothesis.

The M40 in Buckinghamshire/Oxfordshire/Warwickshire, though, came out worst overall. It features three times in the list of ten black spots, with delays of up to seven hours peaking at around midnight on Saturday.

But how was it for you? Have you any battle scars or war stories to share?

Do tell.