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Nick Sanders

I'm There!

Nick Sanders has been an adventurer and an ambassador for Yamaha for some time now, and he's offering to share his experience and expertise with would-be pioneers.

On September 27 2013, the Nick Sanders Expedition Centre opened its doors for the very first time. Situated within Nick's house in the Welsh Countryside, visitors to the centre can expect to leave with the knowledge and confidence necessary for successful adventure.

The Nick Sanders Expedition Centre

The Nick Sanders Expedition Centre allows amateur riders to embark on an expedition of their own, free from the usual shackles of money, family, work, confidence and general ignorance.

Rather than teaching riders how to ride, the Nick Sanders Expedition Centre dedicates itself to getting riders in the right mind-set to take the plunge. To that end, visitors to the centre will be given one-to-one guidance by Nick Sanders and his partner, Dr. Caroline Taylor, on how best to plan for an epic jaunt.

So whether you're contemplating a round the world trip or a more focused journey across Europe or the UK, your first port of call should be the Nick Sanders Expedition Centre.

Come For The Advice, Stay For The Journey

That's not all! If they bring their own bike, for just £175, visitors also have the opportunity to ride with the man himself!

Eight three day Expedition Centre experiences will be taking place between September 27 and October 31. Nick will lead a maximum of 12 people across hidden and unclassified roads in Mid Wales and Snowdonia, many of which are promised to be “almost free of cars”.

You'll stay in beautifully appointed Mongolian Yurts, Log Cabins or, if you're very lucky, the very truck which accompanied Nick Sanders on a Timbuktu expedition.

Meals are included and cooked by Nick's partner, Caroline.

For more information, visit the website.