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Benefits of an Electric Car

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16th February 2021
family charging their electric car

Electric cars are becoming more popular because they are more affordable than ever. Thanks to government grants, increased battery capacity, greater model choice, and cheap running costs, leasing an electric car can save drivers an average £774 across a four-year lease.

David Johnson
Director - Nationwide Vehicle Contracts




Low Fuel Costs 

Zero Emissions

Plug-in Grant 

Long Range 

Fast Refuelling 

Greater Model Choice 

Low Purchase Price 

Reduced BiK Rates

Refuelling Points 

Low Running Costs 

Advantages of Leasing an Electric Car

petrol station graphic

1. Low Fuel Costs

CO2 blue graphic in a cloud

2. Zero Emissions

blue house graphic with electric charging bolt

3. Easy Home Charging

blue tax and money graphic

4. Tax Savings and Incentives

blue and orange car maintenance graphic

5. Lower Maintenance Costs

Disadvantages of Leasing an Electric Car

range anxiety graphic

1. Range Anxiety

charging points graphic

2. Fewer Recharging Points

long charge times graphic

3. Long Charge Times

electric car purchase price graphic

4. Higher Purchase Price

lack of model choice for electric cars graphic

5. Lack of Model Choice

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