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Electric Car Charging Costs

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8th December 2020
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TIP: You can calculate the cost to fully charge your own electric car by using the formula:
Tariff (e.g. 14p/kWh) x Battery size (e.g. 100kWh) / 100 = Cost to fully charge (e.g. £14).

TIP: Many car manufacturers don’t recommend using a standard three-pin domestic plug long-term to charge your EV as it can cause damage to the socket due to the high amperage drawn over a sustained period of time.

To be eligible for the OLEV grant you must:

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Choose an OLEV-eligible car

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Have private, off-street parking

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Install an OLEV-approved charger

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Use an OLEV-approved installer

Home charging is the most popular way to recharge your electric car, and it's important to be on a tariff that offers the cheapest rate. The average domestic electricity rate in the UK is around 28p per kWh, although tariffs such as Economy 7 offer cheaper rates overnight.

Keith Hawes
Director - Nationwide Vehicle Contracts

TIP: You can save even more money with solar panels linked to your home wallbox to generate and store electricity.

row of tesla superchargers

Tesla Supercharger Network

TIP: The UK Government offers businesses financial support to have charge points installed at their premises under the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS). The grant provides up to £350 per socket at 75% of the total cost of installation – up to a maximum of 20 sockets – to be installed on dedicated off-street parking for staff, visitor, or fleet use.

Cheapest electric cars to charge

black smart fourtwo coupe ev being charged
young woman charging honda e hatchback
FROM £459.57 Price per month Incl VAT Latest deals
white nissan leaf driving on road
FROM £210.51 Price per month Incl VAT Latest deals
blue renault zoe by ev charger
black bmw i3 driving on road

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