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Electric Car Maintenance

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5th March 2021
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Petrol / Diesel


Cabin Filters


Coolant (Antifreeze)

Engine Air Filter

Engine Oil




Steering / Suspension

Timing Belts

Tyre Condition

Wiper Blades

Electric vehicles don't require the same maintenance as fuel cars as they have fewer parts. Servicing costs also tend to up cheaper too due to the nature of EV technology.

Mark Smith
Director - Nationwide Vehicle Contracts

Air Conditioning Maintenance

graphic of a clean car

Clean car and filters

graphic of car windows

Keep windows shut

Run air-con weekly

graphic of car coolant

Keep coolant topped up

Other factors to help maintain your EV’s battery include:

graphic of electric car

Keep DC charging to a minimum

graphic of electric car running out of battery

Don’t allow the battery to run out of power

graphic of electric car charging battery

Charge the battery accordingly

Light maintenance

graphic of car lights

Clean headlights

graphic of light bulb

Never change just one light

graphic of headlight beam strength

Check the Headlights for Beam Strength

Electric Tyres

Conventional Tyres

They last longer
Compared to conventional tyres, electric car tyres are significantly more durable. Due to their increased weight, electric cars need tyres that can safely withstand these demands. With the sidewall and tyre tread's unique design, electric car tyres manufactured specifically to support the extra weight and take up the strain that conventional tyres aren't designed or intended to withstand.

Wear 30% quicker than electric vehicles
When conventional tyres are fitted to electric cars, they will wear considerably faster than those created explicitly for electric vehicles. With the extra weight carried by an electric vehicle, conventional tyres won't stand their torque, so that they won't last as long. We recommend getting a hold of tyres specifically for electric cars as it saves money and better longevity.

More expensive compared to regular tyres
As a considerable amount of time and development goes into manufacturing these specific tyres, they are slightly more expensive than conventional tyres fitted to standard cars with an internal combustion engine.

They're cheaper than EV tyres
As regular tyres are not specifically designed and manufactured for electric vehicles, they are far less expensive. However, they won't last as long on an electric vehicle and would have to be replaced more often. We recommend obtaining a set of tyres, specifically for electric cars, to save money in the long run as they are more durable. 

Engine repair service

Cabin air filter

Every two years

High-efficiency particulate filter

Every three years

Brake fluid test

Every two years

Air conditioning

Between two and six years

Electric Car MOT

graphic of co2 emissions

1. Record MOT

graphic of car lights

2. Headlights, wipers and horn

graphic of seatbelts

3. Seatbelts and safety

graphic of steering system

4. Mechanics and steering

graphic of car with rust

5. Corrosion and rust

graphic of car wheels and brakes

6. Braking system

graphic of electric car charging battery

7. Electrical systems

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