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Electric Cars with the Longest Range

If you’re considering leasing an electric vehicle there’s never been a better time to change from a fuel-powered vehicle to an electric one. Technology is at its most advanced and the once inaccessibly priced electric vehicles are becoming more and more reasonably priced, so you don’t have to break the bank to lease one. We understand as amazing as electric cars are for the environment, there is a general concern amongst customers if an electric car can seamlessly fit into your day to day life and the journeys you make.

To help make this decision a little easier for you and to shed some light on the elusive electric cars, we’ve compiled a list of the six best electric cars based on range from one single charge. After reading this we think you’re going to be a little shocked and we’re certain you’ll seriously consider taking the jump from fuel to electric quicker than you originally thought.

The EVs featured in this article

  • Tesla Model S Long Range AWD Auto – 370-mile range
  • Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD Auto – 348-mile range
  • Tesla Model X Long Range AWD Auto – 315-mile range
  • Jaguar I-Pace – 292-mile range
  • Hyundai KONA Electric – 279-mile range
  • Nissan LEAF E+ Tekna – 239-mile range

Electric Cars with the Longest Range

  1. white tesla model s uk version driving on country road

    Tesla Model S

    The Tesla Model S Long Range AWD Auto Saloon is the market-leading electric vehicle, with a whopping 370-mile range from one single charge – the longest range of any car on the road. The technology behind Tesla is what sets it apart from anything else on the market, instead of using large format lithium-ion cells Tesla uses battery packs made up of thousands of commodity cells. As well as having innovative technology, the design of the Model S means it has a 0.23cD – making it the most aerodynamic car in its class with the lowest drag coefficient on earth – this will also contribute to its unparalleled range as the car doesn’t have to work as hard.

    Furthermore, the Model S can recharge up to 130-miles in 15-minutes at any Supercharger location. There are 290 Tesla Superchargers in the UK, and more than 550 Tesla Destination chargers – each with one connector per charge point. Taking your Tesla abroad won’t be an issue either as there are more than 14,000 Superchargers throughout the world.

    • The distance on a full charge: 370-mile range
    • 0 to 60-mph: 4.1 seconds
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  2. red tesla model 3 driving on road

    Tesla Model 3

    Not far behind the Tesla Model S is the Tesla Model 3, Tesla’s compact saloon with an impressive 348-mile range on one single charge. It has the same technology behind it as the Model S but as it’s compact, it’s a lot cheaper than its big sister. The Model 3 can recharge 170-miles in 30-minutes at any Supercharge location. For your ultimate peace of mind, there are 290 Tesla Superchargers in the UK, and more than 550 Tesla Destination chargers – each with one connector per charge point. Tesla recommends charging the Model S overnight so your car is good to go when you get up in the morning.

    • The distance on a full charge: 348-mile range
    • 0 to 60-mph: 3.2 seconds
    FROM £546.74 Price per month Incl VAT
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  3. white tesla model x with doors open

    Tesla Model X

    Last but not least in the Tesla family, is the Tesla Model X. It’s Tesla’s SUV sport utility vehicle with a 315-mile range from one single charge. It features the same world-renowned Tesla technology, aerodynamic design and 0.25-cD drag coefficient, that all contribute to the extensive range. Thanks to the global charging network, standard equipment and convenient options the Model X can be charged anywhere and it takes 40-minutes to reach 80% at a Rapid Charger.

    • The distance on a full charge: 315-mile range
    • 0 to 60-mph: 2.7-seconds
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  4. grey jaguar xf driving on open road

    Jaguar I-Pace

    The Jaguar I-Pace is the ‘World Car of the Year’, ‘World Car Design of the Year’ and ‘World Green Car’ winner at the 2019 World Car Awards. As a triple award-winning SUV, it’s no surprise the Jaguar I-Pace features on our list. It has an amazing 292-mile range on one full charge, a low drag coefficient of 0.29-Cd for maximum range – resulting from a flowing waistline, dramatic scoop and signature rear haunches. The technology behind the 90-kWh battery is high energy density lithium-ion pouch cells. What’s helpful about Jaguar is they’ve provided an I-Pace Range Calculator, it’s simple to use and all you have to do is enter data about your journeys, driving style etc and it’ll determine what range you’ll achieve from your journey.

    Charging the Jaguar I-Pace is super easy too, thanks to the multitude of charging options available to you. It can achieve 168-mile range per hour with a 50-kW Dc rapid charger, they’re available at most public charging stations. Jaguar encourage customers to check out Zap-Map to find out all the latest information on public charging – including your local networks.

    If you install an approved Jaguar Wallbox you can charge at home, it will provide 22-miles of charge per hour, so to ensure your vehicle is ready for your journeys in the morning you should charge it overnight. The public charging cable, known as a Mode 3 Charging Cable, is supplied with every Jaguar I-Pace and connects to standard AC public charging points. Thanks to smart technology, your Jaguar will stop charging when it’s fully charged and it’s also safe to charge in different weather conditions – rain and snow – because the charging system is entirely self-contained.

    • The distance on a full charge: 292-mile range 
    • 0 to 60-mph: 4.5-seconds
    FROM £796.92 Price per month Incl VAT
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  5. grey kia e-niro electric car driving on road

    Kia Niro EV

    We have another award winner on our hands, the Kia e-Niro. It’s the What Car? ‘Car of the Year 2019’ and ‘Best Electric Car’ winner. It has a 282-mile range on a single charge and a 64-kWh lithium-ion polymer battery pack that can be charged in 9-hours and 50-minutes via a 7.2-kW on-board charger. Plus, thanks to the fast charging sockets you can recharge your Kia at home or at any of the public charging stations.

    For your ultimate convenience, all the electrical information you need (range, battery level, power usage etc) is clearly displayed on the 8” navigation system. Also, there’s four levels of smart regenerative braking technology you can pick between, the regenerative braking helps save energy and recharge the battery by using kinetic energy.

    • Distance on a full charge: 282-mile range
    • 0 to 60-mph: 7.2-seconds
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  6. Mercedes-Benz EQC

    With an incredible 259-mile range from one single charge, 40-minutes charging time at rapid charging stations and 0-grammes of CO2 emissions, there’s no doubt the Mercedes-Benz EQC deserves a place on our list. There are 99 components made from renewable materials and the EQ-specific navigation considers electrical range. This 4x4 can be charged at home using a 7-kW Homecharge unit in just 11-hours and 25-minutes, you can simply charge it overnight and it’ll be ready for your morning commute. You can install a Homecharging Wallbox through Mercedes-Benz partner, BP Chargemaster. Mercedes-Benz do warn customers if you’re planning to charge through a 3-pin domestic plug socket you must get a qualified electrician to inspect and sign off the socket to confirm it’s safe and suitable to charge. Please note, you cannot use an electric vehicle 3-pin charge cable with an extension cord.

    For more information about the Mercedes-Benz EQC, please see the Mercedes-Benz website or this Auto Express review.  

    • Distance on a full charge: 259-mile range
    • 0 to 62-mph: 5.1-seconds
  7. green hyundai kona side profile by shipping dock

    Hyundai Kona

    There’s innovation inside and outside the Hyundai KONA Electric and that’s not the only reason it features on our list. This fully electric SUV is the What Car? ‘Car of the Year 2019’ winner, it has a 279-mile range and a 64-kWh electric motor. It features a paddle shifter with regenerative braking control, a head-up display so you can easily see all the electrical information you need and it has an eight-year battery warranty. Hyundai used a nickel-metal hybrid battery instead of a lithium-ion polymer battery as it provides a lower memory sensitivity, excellent charge and discharge efficiency as well as outstanding maximum output.

    The KONA can charge to 80% in 75-minutes with a rapid charging station (50-kW), 9-hours and 35-minutes with a normal charger (7.2-kW) and it takes 31-hours when using a regular household power socket using the ICCB-cable (in-cable control box). For your complete convenience, the KONA comes with a 7.2-kW onboard charger, which will convert AC power from the wall socket to DC power.

    • The distance on a full charge: 279-mile range
    • 0 to 62-mph: 7.6 seconds
    FROM £195.79 Price per month Incl VAT
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  8. white nissan leaf electric car parked on road

    Nissan LEAF

    As Europe’s top-selling electric vehicle throughout 2018, this list wouldn’t be complete without The Nissan LEAF E+ Tekna. It has up to 239-mile range from one single charge, 217-power output (PS), zero emissions and Nissan has developed different driving modes to help preserve your electric range. There’s a large choice of charging modes – from a domestic plug to public quick chargers – and all Nissan LEAFs come with the cable you need to plug your car into your closest domestic socket and top up overnight or while you’re at work. Plus, there’s the option to install a Nissan Wallbox to double the charging speed for a full overnight charge.

    Nissan has revealed there are more than 6,000 quick chargers in Europe, so you’ll never be short of charge. The LEAF E+ Tekna will take 32-hours to reach a full charge from a domestic socket, 1-hour and 30-minutes from a 7-kWh Wallbox and 90-minutes with a 50-kWh quick charger.

    For more information about the Nissan LEAF E+ Tekna, please see the standard equipment section on the specific LEAF page.

    • Distance on a full charge: 239-mile range
    • 0 to 62-mph: 7.3-seconds
    FROM £272.77 Price per month Incl VAT
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If you’re still undecided about which electric vehicle to get, check out all our latest deals.

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