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Why Lease The G80 Electric Saloon?

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Genesis G80 Electric Saloon Review 2023

The Genesis G80 Electric Saloon is a groundbreaking addition to the Genesis lineup, offering a glimpse into the future of luxury electric vehicles. As an electrified variant of the popular G80, it maintains the elegance and refinement that Genesis is known for while embracing an environmentally friendly and efficient electric powertrain.

Rivals to the Genesis G80 Electric Saloon include the Mercedes EQE, BMW i4 and Hyundai Ioniq 6.

Our Genesis G80 Electric Saloon review covers:

Genesis G80 Electric Saloon Key Features

  • Sleek and sophisticated exterior design embodying Genesis's distinctive aesthetic
  • Luxury interior with high-quality materials and advanced technology
  • 354-litre boot space
  • Electric powertrain delivers an impressive blend of performance and range
  • One trim level available: Luxury

Genesis G80 Electric Saloon Pros and Cons:


  • Luxurious Interior
  • Advanced Technology
  • Silent and Smooth Ride


  • Expensive 
  • Small boot
  • Limited rear headroom

Design, Practicality and Boot Space

The design of the Genesis G80 Electric Saloon is expected to be in line with Genesis' design philosophy, emphasizing elegance, sophistication, and a modern aesthetic. It may feature a sleek and aerodynamic exterior with the distinctive Genesis crest grille, refined lines, and premium lighting elements. The interior design is likely to focus on luxury and comfort, using high-quality materials, advanced technology, and a driver-centric layout.

Genesis G80 Electric SaloonExterior

In terms of practicality, the G80 Electric Saloon is likely to offer a comfortable and spacious interior, accommodating passengers with ample legroom and headroom. The practicality could be enhanced by adjustable seating, versatile cargo space, and various storage compartments to keep items organized during travel. Moreover, electric vehicles often offer practical benefits such as low maintenance requirements and potential savings on fuel costs due to their electric powertrain.

The boot space in the Genesis G80 Electric Saloon offers 354 litres of space. Generally, electric sedans allocate space for the electric drivetrain components and battery packs, which can affect the available boot space. However, the G80 Electric Saloon has a practical boot space to accommodate everyday items, groceries, luggage, or other essentials.

Interior and Trims

The interior of the G80 Electric Saloon offers a delightful atmosphere. It features a rich selection of high-quality materials, an aesthetically pleasing design, and expansive screens that add to the overall satisfaction.

At the heart of the cabin is a prominent 14.5-inch touchscreen display positioned atop the dashboard. Complementing this, there's an 8.0-inch display situated behind the luxurious two-spoke steering wheel, presenting clear graphics and a sharp interface. However, opting for the 3D effect for the driver's display might introduce a slightly psychedelic feel.

Navigating the main screen is straightforward when stationary. Yet, given its distance from the driver's seat, you'll find the need to utilize the click wheel adjacent to the gear selector. It's essential to avoid confusing the two, as they share a similar size and shape.

While the infotainment system generally offers a smooth user experience, certain menus can be a bit intricate to navigate. Fortunately, the standard inclusion of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, with the option for wireless connectivity, helps alleviate this complexity. Additionally, the climate control features a dedicated area separate from the main touchscreen. Temperature adjustments are made using physical dials, while airflow, seat heating, and ventilation are conveniently managed through a touchscreen interface.

One trim level available: Luxury.

The singular trim option available for the Genesis Electrified G80 is impressively loaded with notable features. These encompass 19-inch alloy wheels, adaptive cruise control, a spacious 14.5-inch infotainment display compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a wireless phone charging feature, and a range of driver assistance systems.

Power and Performance

The Genesis Electrified G80 is equipped with an 87.2kWh battery pack, complemented by dual electric motors. Each axle features an electric motor, granting the vehicle all-wheel drive capability, ensuring robust acceleration and traction, especially in adverse weather conditions.

The combined output of these motors amounts to 370hp and an impressive torque of 700Nm, enabling acceleration from 0 to 60mph in just 4.9 seconds, with a top speed of 139mph.

Genesis G80 Electric Saloon Interior

Thanks to the substantial battery capacity, the G80 Electrified offers a commendable range of up to 323 miles on a single charge. Our tests have shown that achieving close to this range across mixed driving conditions is feasible. Moreover, the addition of solar panels on the roof further enhances efficiency, bringing you even closer to maximizing the range potential.

Overall, the Genesis G80 Electric Saloon stands as a strong contender in the luxury electric sedan segment, boasting impressive performance, a luxurious interior, and a commitment to sustainability that aligns with the changing landscape of the automotive industry.

Leasing vs Buying

The Genesis G80 Electric Saloon is now available for purchase at a starting on-the-road price of £69,100.00*, or it can be leased with monthly payments starting from £707.75.

If you're considering leasing a Genesis G80 Electric Saloon, we proudly offer excellent car leasing services in the UK. Our leasing deals include a manufacturer's warranty, road tax, breakdown insurance, and free delivery to most areas of the UK mainland (excluding specific regions).

Leasing a Genesis G80 Electric Saloon can often be a more financially advantageous option compared to purchasing outright, thanks to the fixed monthly payments, variable mileage options, low initial rental, and flexible contract durations.

It's important to note that the 'on-the-road' price mentioned includes a year's road fund license, DVLA first registration fee, and a number plate fee. Please be aware that this price is accurate at the time of publication and is subject to change. To get the most up-to-date information, we recommend contacting your nearest retailer.