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Car leasing vs buying

There are few things better than driving your brand-new car for the first time, but what's the best way to get one? Both buying and leasing have their pros and cons – so which is right for you?

10 reasons to lease a car vs buying a car

Is it better to buy or lease a car? Well, you might call us biased, but we think there are loads of advantages to leasing a car, not just the fact it could save you a lot of money.

We'll show you all the reasons that make leasing a car a good idea, letting you see for yourself how you could be driving a brand new vehicle for a fraction of the price you'd usually pay.

Benefit Leasing Buying
Lower up-front cost
Brand new car
Delivered to your door
New car every few years
You own the car
You can sell the car
No mileage costs

The main advantages of leasing a car

Leasing a car offers you several benefits that buying a car just can't provide. With a huge range of brand new vehicles available to lease, you could be driving a high-performance car without paying the high price tag you might expect.


You pay less upfront

Brand new cars can be expensive, and whether you pay a deposit on it or buy it outright, it can often involve taking out a loan or saving up for years to afford the car you want. When you lease a car, the initial rental is often much cheaper and is usually taken up to two weeks after delivery. The monthly payments are affordable too, with fixed amounts meaning you'll always know what's coming up.


You get tax, breakdown cover and more included

The cost of road tax and breakdown cover is all included in your monthly payments, while your MOT and servicing can be added at an extra cost. This means there'll be no nasty surprises when the time comes.


You get to drive a brand new car

When you drive a brand new car, you get more than just a great ride. All the mod-cons will be included, giving you access to all the latest entertainment features and technology. Can a used car offer you surround-sound Bluetooth speakers and a touchscreen driver display? No, but our new car leasing deals can.


We'll deliver your car to your door

You choose your car, we'll sort the rest, delivering your brand new vehicle to your front door ready for you to drive. And unlike with a car you own, you won't have to worry about selling it on. You can just hand it back to us and drive off in another new leased car. Imagine that, a brand new car every few years without any of the fuss.


Your car will be reliable

Used cars often come with hidden issues that could cost you lots of money over time. When you lease a car, you get a brand new model that can depend on for the duration of your deal. No past, no problems.


You'll be safer

New cars come with new safety features, such as lane assist, reverse parking cameras, adaptive headlights and more. You won't find these with older, used models, meaning leasing is one of the safest options available.


Tax benefits for businesses

Business leasing customers can take advantage of huge tax benefits, claiming back up to 50% of VAT on a car or up to 100% of VAT on commercial vehicles.


You might never need an MOT

Cars don't need an MOT until they're three years old, so if your leasing deal is shorter than that, you may never have to pay for an MOT again.


Stay connected

Gone are the days of hoping your SatNav doesn't fall from your dashboard as you're driving. New cars include modern technology such as voice activation and connected mobile apps, helping you manage every aspect of your journey without ever taking your hands off the wheel.


Leasing a car is simple

It's easy to lease a car. You just need to choose your model, decide on your contract length and apply for finance. Once that's all sorted, we'll tell you your delivery date and send the car to your door.

business man sat at wheel of lease car

Business Contract Hire benefits:

Whether you need a single vehicle or a fleet of cars find out more about your business leasing options.

Business Contract Hire

Are there any disadvantages to car leasing?

There are a few things worth considering before leasing a car that might mean buying a car is the better option for you.


You won't own the vehicle

You'll have to give it back at the end of your leasing period, and any decorations you've added will need to be removed.


Wear and tear is your responsibility

You'll have to pay for any repairs and wear and tear that falls outside our fair wear and tear guidelines. You can read more in our leasing wear and tear guide.


If you have poor credit history, you might not pass our leasing checks

You'll also need to be able to pay the same amount every month, so if your finances are flexible it might not work for you.


Mileage matters

If you exceed the mileage you set out in your initial contract, you will have to pay excess mileage charges.

woman writing credit on notepad

Leasing with a poor credit history

We have put together a short guide to help explain the rules around applying for finance and your credit history

Credit history guide

Why might it be better to buy a car?

Leasing a car can be a fantastic option for lots of people, but for some buying a car will be the better choice. There are a few reasons why you might prefer to buy, and even our cheapest leasing deals wouldn't be able to beat them.


You'll own the car

This means you can make any modifications you might like, and also keep any potential profit from selling it on later.


You can sell it whenever you like

When you lease a car, you're tied in for the length of your contract. If you own the car you can sell it and switch to a new model any time you want.


Mileage is unlimited

You won't be charged extra for exceeding a mileage limit, but you will still have to think about it for insurance reasons.

What are the disadvantages to buying a car?

Buying a car means you also buy all the responsibilities that come with it. As soon as you pick up the keys, you'll have to deal with any problems that occur, as well as all the extra costs.


Cars depreciate

New cars can decrease in value dramatically, meaning you're unlikely to make back the amount you paid for it if you ever consider selling.


It costs more upfront

Paying for a new car costs money, and even if you're spreading the price out over time, you can often end up spending more than you would with car leasing.


Unexpected costs can add up

Unlike when you lease a car, you'll have to pay for road tax and breakdown cover separately. As the car gets older, this will likely get more expensive.


As cars age they develop problems

New cars don't stay new for long, and wear and tear can often lead to expensive repairs. With car leasing you can return your old car and drive off in a brand new model when your lease term ends.


Selling your car isn't always simple

While there are companies that will help, they'll also take a large chunk of the sale price, leaving you without a car and without as much money as you'd hoped.

picture of vehicle wheels as it's turning a corner at high speed

Vehicle depreciation

One of the key benefits of choosing to lease is not having to worry about how much value a new car will lose.

Vehicle depreciation guide

Make the most of our car leasing deals

If you've been convinced that leasing a car is a good idea, make the most of all our latest car leasing deals and get a brand new vehicle delivered to your door.

We have the largest selection of lease cars in the UK, meaning you can choose between family favourites, stylish classics and high-performance powerhouses.

Don't risk wasting your money on a car that depreciates in value. Lease a car with us and enjoy driving without the worry.