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Can I lease a car with bad credit?

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25th September 2020
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Most funders require an applicant to have a good to excellent credit score to be approved for car leasing. According to Experian's credit score system, this is the equivalent of a credit score of 881 or more.

David Johnson
Director - Nationwide Vehicle Contracts

Possible financial red flags include:

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Frequently setting up new accounts

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Being at your credit limit

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Applying for credit too often

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Borrowing more than you can afford

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Missing payments

If the finance provider has declined your application for vehicle finance, we will be in touch to talk you through your options.

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A joint application is when two people apply for car finance together, using both of their personal details in support of their application.

David Johnson
Director - Nationwide Vehicle Contracts

Accommodation finance is where the person applying for car finance is not the main driver of the vehicle and is taking out the agreement on behalf of someone else.

David Johnson
Director - Nationwide Vehicle Contracts

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