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Vehicle Leasing FAQs

1st April 2021

What is vehicle leasing?

What is the difference between business and personal leasing?

Are there any differences between car and van leasing contracts?

Which option is best for self-employed customers?

How much annual company vehicle tax will be due on my leased business car?

How long is the lease period?

What is included in my contract?

What isn’t included in my contract?

Will my contract include the Road Fund Licence?

Is maintenance included in my monthly payments?

Is roadside assistance included in my lease contract?

Who is responsible for insuring the leased vehicle?

What happens if my leased vehicle is involved in an accident and is written off by the insurance company?

What is the initial rental?

When is the initial rental and monthly payments taken?

Who supplies the vehicle I will be leasing?

Do vehicles have a warranty?

What mileage should I choose?

Should I choose a diesel or petrol vehicle?

I live in Northern Ireland, can I lease a vehicle with you?

Do finance companies check my credit history?

How long does the credit check take?

Can I use a guarantor if I am unable to have finance?

Are there any restrictions to lease a vehicle?

Can I lease a car with Nationwide Vehicle Contracts on the Motability Scheme?

I’ve failed finance. What are my alternatives?

Are ‘no deposit’ leasing deals available through Nationwide Vehicle Contracts?

Can I test drive the vehicle before I order?

How will my new vehicle be delivered?

How long does it take for a car in stock to be delivered?

How accurate are the delivery lead times?

Is delivery and collection included?

Who is the registered owner and keeper of the vehicle?

What happens when I need a vehicle serviced or repaired?

What if I need a replacement vehicle?

What happens if I exceed the agreed mileage on the lease contract?

Can I renegotiate aspects of my lease?

Can I pass the lease to another person?

Can I customise or modify my lease vehicle?

What happens at the end of the vehicle agreement?

Who owns the vehicle at the end of the agreement?

What level of wear and tear is acceptable?

Can I terminate my agreement early?

What happens in the event of death of the contract holder?

Does leasing a vehicle have any restrictions on driving abroad?

What is a pre-reg car?

Is it possible to change the lease mid contract to another make or model?

Can I add a private registration plate to the vehicle?

Do you offer a part exchange facility where I can trade in my current vehicle?

I live on the Isle of Wight, can I lease a vehicle with you?

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