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Minor Damage Insurance

Help protect your lease vehicle from minor damage, such as small scratches, scuffs and dents with SMART Insurance and Tyre and Alloy Insurance.

Benefits of Minor Damage Insurance

Low cost insurance cover
Convenient for you
Alleviate damage worries
Cover for up to 36 months

Insurance options


Using SMART repair techniques (Small Minor Area Repair Technology), SMART Insurance covers your lease vehicle against small scratches, scuffs and dents to the body work, helping to avoid costly damage charges at the end of your lease contract.

Tyre and Alloy Wheel

Help protect against sudden or unexpected scuffs and scratches to your alloy wheels, as well as repair and/or replacement tyres if they are damaged during your lease contract with Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance.


SMART Plus insurance combines the best of both worlds. Cover for small scratches, scuffs and dents to the body work as well as cover for damage to your alloy wheels - offering the ultimate in protection for your new lease vehicle.

Got questions?

Frequently asked questions regarding minor damage insurance

Is minor damage insurance compulsory when leasing a vehicle with Nationwide Vehicle Contracts?

No, SMART, Tyre and Alloy and SMART Plus Insurance are not a compulsory policies when leasing with Nationwide Vehicle Contracts, however, it is worth considering if you are particularly worried about end-of-contract damage charges at the end of your lease contract. Body work damage and/or damaged tyres and alloy wheels must be replaced or repaired before your lease vehicle is collected as they aren’t covered by general Fair Wear and Tear. Minor damage insurance helps to offer peace of mind for damage outside your control caused by things like pot holes, debris and high kerbs.

Am I covered both in the UK and Europe?

As long as the damage meets the criteria, cover is provided for incidents which occur within the UK, Isle of Man, Channel Islands or member countries of the EU.

Are there any restrictions to the cover?

Yes, as with any type of insurance policy, SMART, Tyre and Alloy and SMART Plus Insurance all come with policy restrictions and exclusions. Certain vehicles are not eligible for cover including commercial vehicles (such as vans and pickup trucks), emergency vehicles, taxis or vehicles used for hire or reward and vehicles with wheels of chrome finish, or split rim construction. For full terms and conditions please refer to your policy document.

How much does minor damage insurance cost?

There are three different types of minor damage insurance policies available – SMART Insurance which is available for £299, Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance which is available at £299 and SMART Plus Insurance which starts from £399. You can choose to pay for the cost of the policy as a one-off payment (by credit or debit card) or spread the cost over 10 interest-free monthly direct debit payments.

Can I take out minor damage insurance at any point during my lease contract?

No, SMART, Tyre and Alloy and SMART Plus Insurance can only be taken out within 30 days of delivery of your new lease vehicle and cannot be renewed.