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The Best Car Accessories for New Drivers

If you’ve recently bought or leased a new car, chances are you’ll want to make the most of your motor by investing in some car accessories. 

From Bluetooth kits to mobile phone holders, the car market is full of gadgets and gismos that promise to make your driving - and your life - a little bit easier. But what are the best car accessories out there, especially if you’re a new driver?

Nationwide Vehicle Contracts has put together a list of some of the best car accessories for new drivers. 

Young man reversing car

Reversing Camera 

According to accident aftercare specialist Accident Exchange, car parking prangs cost British motorists £1.4 billion in 2016, with car parking incidents now accounting for more than 30% of all accidents. 

To help reduce the risk of an accident while parking, many new drivers are opting for new cars fitted with reversing sensors or a reversing camera to help make parking easier. A reversing camera is a camera that is mounted on the rear of the vehicle and a viewing screen mounted on the dash. It allows the driver to clearly see what is behind them and in their blind spot, maintaining their control and visibility.

If your new car doesn’t come with a rear view camera as standard, there are many wireless options on the market to aid parking in small or tight spaces. Options include:

Air Purifier

Most people never think about the quality of the air inside their cars but indoor air pollution can quickly become a problem. During the winter (or summer) months, dust and allergens, as well as chemicals and particulates that come from the car itself, can begin to affect the air quality inside the car. As such, many drivers are investing in a car air purifier. 

An air purifier works by cleaning the indoor air by filtering out dust, pollen, gaseous pollutants and other unpleasant odours. Many devices are portable and are operated by the car’s cigarette lighter. Options include:

De-Icer & Ice Scraper

As a new driver in the UK, you soon learn that a de-icer should never be missing from your car, especially during the winter period. De-icing your car’s windscreen is not just a practical necessity but also a legal responsibility. 

While there are several methods to de-ice your car, a traditional de-icer liquid and an ice scraper remains the quickest and easiest option. Options include:

Bluetooth Car Kit

Since 2003, it has been illegal to use a hand-held mobile phone while driving. Drivers caught using a while driving could receive three penalty points on their licence and a fine of £100. Your case could also go to court and you could be disqualified from driving and get a maximum fine of £1,000.

Thankfully there are plenty of hands-free Bluetooth car phone kits on the market that can help keep you safe and legal on the road. A Bluetooth car kit works by connecting wirelessly to your phone, allowing you to make phone calls or listen to your music without having to pick up your phone, meaning you can talk as you drive safely and legally. 

There are a wide range of Bluetooth car kits on the market to suit all types of phones, as well as budgets. Options include: 

Mobile Phone Holder

In addition to a Bluetooth car kit, a mobile phone holder is also an essential accessory to help keep you safe and legal on the road. 

Mobile GPS and map applications have become increasingly common over the past few years with many drivers are now using maps on their mobile phone as an alternative to a portable sat nav system. If you are planning on using a mobile map then it is essential to have a car phone holder to mount your phone at eye level without it causing a distraction.

Like Bluetooth car kits, there is a wide range of mobile phone holders on the market to suit all types of phones, as well as budgets. Options include: 

  • Aoodle Car Phone Holder – A easy to use phone holder that can be placed on the windscreen, dashboard or air vent and has designed to works with multiple devices 

Young woman vacuuming her car

Hand Vacuum 

Proper car maintenance means a car should look as good as it runs. A clean car is not only nicer to drive but also helps to keep harmful bacteria at bay. Research commissioned by Confused.com found that cars are “a breeding ground for bugs and dangerous bacteria” with bugs such as E coli and Bacillus cereus found on steering wheels, foot wells and seats.

There are a wide range of handheld vacuum cleaners on the market to help make cleaning your car easier than ever before. Options include:

Blind Spot Mirror

Over the past few years, various carmakers have been offering blind-spot detection systems for their cars' side mirrors. This technology usually employs cameras or radar sensors to scan the adjoining lanes for vehicles that may have disappeared from view. But what if your new car doesn’t feature this technology? 

Many new drivers are choosing to fit blind spot mirrors to their vehicles to stay safe on the road. Blind spot mirrors help to extend your field of vision whilst driving and easy attach to your existing car wing mirror. Options include: 

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