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Can I Take My Lease Vehicle Abroad?

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29th December 2022
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Can I drive my lease car abroad?

What paperwork is required to drive my lease car abroad?

If you're thinking of taking your lease vehicle abroad, it’s important that you have the correct documentation in place before you travel. Without a valid VE103 vehicle on hire certificate, you could face long delays at the border or risk having the vehicle impounded.

Mark Smith
Director - Nationwide Vehicle Contracts

Check your breakdown and motor insurance

Play Video: Taking Your Lease Vehicle Abroad

Have the rules changed since Brexit?

Local driving laws

'GB' symbol

GB Sticker

Number 3 within two circles

CRIT’Air Clean Air Emission Sticker

blue and orange triangle graphic

Vehicle Safety Kit

Cartoon breathalyser

Breathalyser Kit

Cartoon child-friendly seatbelt

Children-Friendly Seat Belts

Cartoon chain

Snow Chains and/or Winter Tyres

What else do I need to take to drive abroad?

How to prepare your vehicle for a trip

Guide Information

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