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Extending Your Car Lease Contract

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22nd February 2022
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What is a car lease extension?

Formal Extension 

Informal Extension 

Admin fee applies 



New contract end date



Monthly rental charges 

Y - rentals may be lower 

Y - rentals may change 

New initial rental required 

Peace of mind motoring 


N - as funder can recall vehicle at any time 

Road tax included 


Whether you opt for an informal or formal extension will depend on your personal circumstances, how long you plan to keep the vehicle and the type of lease agreement you have.

David Johnson
Director - Nationwide Vehicle Contracts

Perks of extending a car lease include:

car graphic

Special extension deals

stacked money

No initial rental required

person graphic

No credit checks required

clock graphic

Time to decide

road tax

Road tax included

car graphic

Known vehicle history

calendar and money

Time to budget

Downsides of extending a car lease include:


Admin fees apply

car with spanner symbol

Servicing and maintenance obligations

car service

MOT may be required

car and calendar

Vehicle warranty may have expired

warning triangle

Breakdown expired

calendar and money

Early termination fees

car wheels

Vehicle wear and tear

I want to extend my car lease contract, what do I do?

check list

1. Check Eligibility


2. Contact Nationwide Vehicle Contracts

call the bank

3. Request Extension with Finance Provider

mail graphic

4. Extension Documents Sent

signed documents

5. Check and Sign Agreement

documents with magnifying glass

6. Review Documentation

calendar and money graphic

7. Date Effective

How long does a car lease extension take?

Guide Information

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