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Novations: Transferring a Lease Vehicle from one Limited Company to another Limited Company

26th September 2022

What is a Novation?

Two business men exchanging a contract and a handshake

One of the main reasons for a novation is when a company has been bought out by another, and the assets need to be transferred across.

Mark Smith
Director - Nationwide Vehicle Contracts

I want to request a Novation quotation, what do I do?

To request a Novation quotation

graphic of computer and phone

1. Contact Nationwide Vehicle Contracts

Cartoon of a bank with a phone symbol

2. Contact Funder

Cartoon bank notes

3. Pay Novation Fee

graphic of finance documents

4. Complete Finance Application

graphic of document and letter

5. Documentation Sent

signing document graphic

6. Sign Novation Agreement

Cartoon document with the word 'Documents' and a magnifying glass

7. Review Documentation

Cartoon of a computer with a car on its screen and a tick symbol

8. Records Updated

graphic of calendar and signed document

9. Date Effective

How long will the process take?

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