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Servicing Your Lease Car

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29th December 2022
mechanic servicing a car
“A full car service is highly recommended every 12 months or every 12,000 miles.”
David Johnson
Director - Nationwide Vehicle Contracts

Parts usually checked as part of a full service include:

graphic of car air filter

Air Filter

graphic of car brakes


graphic of car clutch


graphic of engine coolant

Coolant (Antifreeze)

graphic of car engine oil

Engine Oil

graphic of exhaust emissions


graphic of the car lights


graphic of car dashboard

Steering and Suspension

graphic of car maintenance

Timing and Auxiliary Belts

graphic of car wheels

Tyre Inflation and Condition

graphic of car windscreen

Wiper Blades

“In 2022, UK motorists spent an average of £3,000 a year on servicing and maintenance costs. By following the manufacturer's service schedule, you can help avoid costly repairs on your car and end-of-lease fees for missing scheduled services.”
David Johnson
Director - Nationwide Vehicle Contracts
Maintaining a car

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