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What happens if your leased car is recalled?

alex bradley headshot By Alex
10th May 2023
Vehicles driving on the motorway

What is a vehicle recall and why do they happen?

Common types of defects that lead to vehicle recalls

Common reasons for vehicle recalls include:

graphic of headlight beam strength

Faulty airbags

graphic of car brakes

Brake system problems

range anxiety graphic

Electrical system issues

graphic of steering system

Steering issues

Easy maintenance icon

Engine or transmission defects

graphic of seatbelts

Seat belt defects

graphic of fuel pump

Fuel system defects

How do manufacturers determine which vehicles are subject to a recall?

Please be aware that, in most cases, a vehicle recall is a precautionary measure and while it is safe to drive the vehicle, you should ensure the rectification work is carried out as soon as possible.

Keith Hawes
Director - Nationwide Vehicle Contracts

How to find out if your leased vehicle has been recalled

What to do if your leased vehicle is recalled

Vehicle recall process


Contact the manufacturer

graphic of car maintenance

Schedule a repair

Cartoon checklist

Keep a record of all communications

graphic of happy customer

Inform your leasing company

Am I entitled to a replacement vehicle during a recall?

Will my insurance cover a recall-related issue and how will it be handled?

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