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Windscreen Repairs on a Lease Vehicle - Nationwide Vehicle Contracts

When the windscreen on your leased car needs repairing, if it is a chip, a crack or even completely shattered, getting it repaired is something that needs doing as a matter of urgency. In the case of a chip or crack, it may not seem so important at the time. Nevertheless it is quite urgent that you get the crack or chip repaired before it gets worse. If left the windscreen could potentially shatter completely whilst driving! You may well then be liable for the repairs.

view of a cracked windscreen inside a car

If you have a maintenance contract with Nationwide Vehicle Contracts, depending on the terms in the contract, windscreen repairs may be included. In a standard contract they are often not, so when negotiating the contract it is best to check.

If your maintenance contract DOES cover windscreen repair, and the windscreen does develop a chip or crack, contact one of our Customer Service Team who will be able to inform you as to your next move, which usually involves contacting a preferred supplier to get it fixed.

If your lease agreement stipulates that you have to cover windscreen repairs yourself, then you will need to organise for a third party such as Autoglass to come out and repair the windscreen.

It is a good idea to shop around for a good price, but be aware that the windscreen replacement company may well need to see what damage has been made to the windscreen before fully committing on a price.

It may be possible to repair rather than replace a windcreen, depending on the damage that has occurred.

When it comes to a chip in the windscreen, usually caused by a stone or another hard object hitting it, this can be repaired, usually by a mobile technician from the chosen company as long as it is (according to Autoglass):

  • No bigger than a £2 coin
  • More than 3cm from the edge of the windscreen
  • If in the driver's line of vision (15cm either side of the steering wheel centre at eye height), no more than 10 cm across

If a chip can be repaired, a special resin and specialist tools are used to fix the problem rather than run to the (relatively expensive) cost of a whole new windscreen.

But usually, when it comes to cracks, scratches and chips in un-repairable places, a new windscreen will be required.

It is worth checking your car insurance to see if you are covered for replacement as many fully comprehensive policies cover the cost, but if not, it is a good idea to shop around to see the best prices - although be aware that the cheapest may not be the best in the long run.

Remember that the condition of your windscreen is not only an integral and important part of your the safety of both driver and passengers, but also part of your leasing contract when it comes to the condition of the car, so it is in your interest to get it sorted as quick as possible and to the best standard.

Glass Maintenance

Although a lot of damage to windscreens (both front and back) and windows is caused by unavoidable external factors such as stones and collisions, some is avoidable, especially during winter; so Autoglass offer up these tips on keeping glass in the best possible condition:

  • If overnight frost is expected, use a cover to protect the windscreen as freezing weather can damage it
  • Don't pour boiling hot water and DON'T use sharp objects to defrost your windscreen as this could lead to cracks or chips
  • Defrost the vehicle slowly using de-icer or use a scraper that is designed for the purpose
  • Keep your washer fluid and anti-freeze topped up as a 'dry wipe' can collect items such as small stones, leaves and grit that can damage the glass
  • Replace your wipers as soon as they show signs of wear and tear.

For more advice on car maintenance, check out Nationwide Vehicle Contracts Vehicle Maintenance Guides here.

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