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Tyre and Alloy Insurance Explained

Jamie Locke By Jamie
30th March 2021

What is Tyre and Alloy Insurance?

scratched alloy

The following vehicles are NOT eligible for cover:

commercial vehicle

Commercial vehicles

heavy goods vehicle

Any vehicle over 3.5 tonnes


Emergency vehicles, taxi or vehicle used for hire or reward


Buses, vans, trucks and motorcycles

delivery van

Vehicles used for deliveries or dispatch

learner driver

Driving schools

sports car

Road-racing, rallying, pace-making, speed testing or any other competitive event

chrome tyres

Vehicle with wheels of chrome finish, or split rim construction

left hand drive cars

Left-hand drive vehicles

Is Tyre and Alloy Insurance compulsory when leasing a vehicle with Nationwide Vehicle Contracts?

How much does Tyre and Alloy Insurance cost?

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