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Driving while on the phone: The law and rules

Photo of Fergus By Fergus
14th April 2021
woman using phone whilst driving

What are the mobile phone driving laws?

The new offence will expressly ban any use of the phone, even picking it up to see who is calling and then rejecting that call, or picking the phone up to check the time or the weather.

The Department for Transport

What are the penalties for using your phone while driving?

Penalties for using your phone while driving include:

stacked money

£200 fine and six penalty points

court of law

Court summons

gavel being hit


no drivers license

Loss of licence

The changes to mobile phone driving laws are vital to improving the safety of Britain's roads. Drivers must take these rules seriously to help reduce the number of tragic deaths caused by violations.

Keith Hawes
Director - Nationwide Vehicle Contracts

Are there any exceptions to the law when using a mobile phone while driving?

texting while driving

Are employers liable if an employee uses a mobile phone while driving?

How can I safely use a mobile phone whilst driving?

Types of hands-free mobile devices include:

Bluetooth headset

Bluetooth headsets

car steering wheel

Car stereos

personal items

Hands-free kits



How can I report mobile phone driving offenders?

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