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Tips on Keeping Your Vehicle Secure

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16th January 2024
thief breaking into car

General security tips

According to Home Office figures, vehicle thefts in England and Wales cost insurers almost £1.5 billion per year. No matter where you live in the UK, it is important to be vigilant. Taking simple steps, like locking your car, parking in a well-lit area, and ensuring valuables are kept out of sight can help deter criminals.

David Johnson
Director - Nationwide Vehicle Contracts

Theft of car keys typically occurs via:

house graphic

Burglary of your home

house with keys

Keys left by an unlocked front door

house keys

Keys 'fished' through a letterbox:


Pickpocketing, especially from unattended clothing or bags

person graphic


personal car



Keys left in locks

thief looking in car with torch

Car and van security devices

Security features to consider include:

car alarm

Car alarms

car with warning symbol


location pin

GPS trackers

car steering wheel and dashboard

Steering wheel lock

personal items


While car crime can strike anywhere, inner cities are the worst areas for vehicle theft. If you work or live in a major city, use a Park Mark car park for extra safety, or one that is well-lit and has lots of foot traffic. If you're planning an overnight trip, consider leaving the car at home and using public transport. Research shows four out of five vehicle-related thefts happen during the hours of darkness.

David Johnson
Director - Nationwide Vehicle Contracts

Securely parking your vehicle

What to do if your vehicle is stolen

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