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Calculate fuel cost, MPG and mileage

With petrol and diesel costs fluctuating all the time, you may be wondering how much it costs to refill your new car lease

Whether you’re budgeting for a UK getaway or want to know how much that trip to the shops really costs, our car leasing fuel calculators will help you:

Below these tools you will also discover FAQs about fuel, as well as links to other useful resources.

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Note: Our fuel calculator gives approximate values and is intended as a guide to possible costs and fuel consumption.

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Fuel FAQs and useful resources

How do I use a fuel cost calculator?

To accurately calculate how much you spend on fuel, you will need to know the following:

  • The distance you plan to, or have travelled, in miles
  • The efficiency of your vehicle, also known as Miles Per Gallon (MPG)
  • How much you paid for your fuel, as a total spend (in pounds) or;
  • The average UK fuel price at the time of your trip (pence per litre)

How much will my car journey cost?

To calculate how much a journey will actually cost in fuel, enter in the distance covered (in miles), the MPG for your vehicle, and the cost of fuel (in pence per litre) into our journey cost calculator above and click calculate.

This tool will help you to work out your fuel usage in terms of consumption, fuel cost (pence per litre), and mileage rate. If you’re driving for business, you’ll also be able to understand exactly what you can claim back for business mileage. 

How do I calculate the total mileage of my car journey?

The best way to calculate the total mileage of your car journey is to use a route planner. 

A route planner, also known as a journey planner, is a tool that calculates the best possible route between two or more destinations. It works in the same way as a satellite navigation system does. You input your start and end destinations, and the tool works out the fastest, shortest or cheapest route, depending on your settings.

Many route planners also calculate the mileage between destinations. This information not only helps you to calculate how much fuel you will need to reach your destination but can also help you work out mileage for previous journeys to claim back business mileage for a company car.

Popular route planner tools that are free to use include:

How do I find out the fuel efficiency of my vehicle? 

The easiest way to calculate your vehicle’s fuel economy is via its MPG. 

MPG stands for miles per gallon and is used to show how far your car can travel for every gallon (or 4.55 litres) of fuel it uses. For example, if you drive a car with an MPG of 50, for every one gallon of petrol or diesel, you should be able to drive 50 miles before the car runs out of fuel.

You can find out the MPG of your vehicle by entering your car’s make and model into one of these popular tools:

How do you calculate fuel cost?

Finally, to calculate how much money you’ll be spending on fuel, you need to calculate the fuel costs for your journey. 

If you have already made the journey, the best way to do this is to check your fuel station receipt or bank statement to find out the total amount you spent (in pounds) on fuel. 

If you haven’t yet made your journey, the best way to calculate fuel costs is to use the average fuel price in the UK as a guideline. Popular tools with up-to-date fuel prices include:

How much petrol or diesel will I need?

To calculate how much fuel you'll need for a given journey, enter the distance (in miles) you will be covering on your journey, and the estimated MPG of your vehicle into our fuel mileage calculator above and press calculate.

This petrol and diesel fuel calculator will help you estimate how much it will cost to fill up your car so you can budget fuel costs for your trip or allow you to split costs between friends or family.  

What is my vehicle's MPG?

To work out how many Miles Per Gallon (MPG) you are really getting from your vehicle, enter the cost of the fuel (in pence per litre), how much you spent on the fuel (in pounds), and how far you travelled (in miles) into our MPG calculator above and press calculate.

This fuel consumption calculator allows you to see how efficient your car is at different speeds and in different driving conditions. It also allows you to compare how efficient your vehicle is with other cars in its class. 

Looking for other ways to save money and keeping running costs low? As a stock lease car specialist, we have a wide range of motoring guides on Caring For Your Lease Vehicle for tips on tyre safety, fuel economy, car security and winter care.  

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