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Top Tips to Care for your Lease Vehicle

Photo of Fergus By Fergus
30th March 2021
person washing car bonnet

With the cost of living rising in the UK, it is no surprise that drivers are looking for ways to keep their costs down. Performing regular maintenance to your lease vehicle can be an easy way to help reduce costs.

Keith Hawes
Director - Nationwide Vehicle Contracts
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How to top-up your car’s screenwash

car with passenger

1. Park on level ground

car with bonnet open

2. Open car bonnet

screen wash levels

3. Check levels

water drop

4. Pour in screenwash


5. Close bonnet

How to clean your car’s interior

clean car graphic

1. Remove the rubbish

car mats

2. Clean the mats

car seats

3. Vacuum the seats

car dashboard and steering wheel

4. Wipe the dashboard

Car windows

5. Clean the windows

car air freshener

6. Add a car air freshener

How to check your car’s engine oil levels

parked car

1. Park on level ground

oil dipstick

2. Look for oil dipstick

oil drop

3. Check the oil level reading

oil filler

4. Top up oil if required

How to change your car’s headlight bulbs

car with engine turned off

1. Switch engine off

car with bonnet up

2. Lift the bonnet

light bulb

3. Disconnect old headlight bulb

car with lights on

4. Screw in new bulb

How to check tyre pressure

tyre and magnifying glass

1. Check current pressure

over-inflated tyre

2. Check if tyre is over-inflated

tyre pressure

3. Top up the pressure

PSI gauge

4. Fill to the correct PSI

How to check tyre depth

20p coin

1. Use a 20p coin

tyres with magnifying glass

2. Check the tyre thread

car wheel

3. Ensure tyre is safe

car graphic

4. Take multiple measurements

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