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Top Van Security Tips

Photo of Fergus By Fergus
7th April 2021
thief breaking into a car

Security features to look out for on your new van should include:

van alarm

Thatcham Alarms

immobilisers in a van


orange deadlock


heavy goods van

Tinted or blacked-out windows

van with lockable fuel filler cap

Lockable fuel filler caps

wheel and tyre graphic

Lockable wheel nuts

van with warning triangle

GPS trackers

While it's impossible to eradicate vehicle theft, you can make it as hard as possible for thieves to break in. By taking some extra simple precautions, you can reduce the likelihood of incidents happening to your vehicle.

Keith Hawes
Director - Nationwide Vehicle Contracts
thief looking into van with a torch

Top 5 vans for security

red nissan nv300 driving on road
silver mercedes-benz sprinter driving on the road
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