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Van Leasing Fair Wear and Tear Guidelines

20th September 2022

What is fair wear and tear?

close up of van tyre

What is included in the van wear and tear guidelines?

Fair wear and tear is usually defined as appropriate use over time, but be careful as it won't account for any specific damage caused by an accident, impact or neglect.

Keith Hawes
Director - Nationwide Vehicle Contracts
man inspecting interior of van

How to prepare for returning your van

Conducting your own assessment

graphic of van with magnifying glass

1. Inspect one panel at a time

graphic of side and front of van

2. View the vehicle from different angles

graphic of car windscreen

3. Check glass areas thoroughly

graphic of wheel and magnifying glass

4. Check wheels, trims and tyres for damage


5. Ensure the interior is clean and valeted

graphic of van dashboard

6. Inspect all dashboard and other controls

How to rectify any damage on your van

Guide Information

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