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Why Lease The T90 EV?

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Maxus T90 Review 2024

The Maxus T90 EV is the first fully electric pickup truck you can buy in the UK. It boasts a rugged design, practical payload capacity, and the appeal of zero-emissions motoring.

Rivals to the Maxus T90 include the Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, and Volkswagen Amarok, but these are all diesel.

Our Maxus T90 review covers:

Maxus T90 Key Features

  • Imposing figure with its boxy silhouette, high ride stance and chunky tyres
  • Well-built and spacious interior
  • Payload of 1 ton and a towing capacity of 1,500kg
  • 150kW (201hp) motor powered by an 88.5kWh battery
  • One trim level available: Elite

Maxus T90 Pros and Cons:


  • Full 1,000kg payload
  • Decent electric range
  • One of the only electric pickup trucks in the UK


  • Price
  • Only rear-wheel drive at the moment 
  • Towing capacity is not as high as diesel

Design, Practicality and Boot Space

The Maxus T90 cuts a striking figure on the road, with a design that's both rugged and modern. Its boxy silhouette and muscular stance leave no doubt about its workhorse credentials, while sleek LED headlights and a stylish grille give it a contemporary edge. Compared to some more agricultural pickup trucks, the T90 manages to look both purposeful and refined.

Maxus T90 Exterior

The double-cab layout offers ample space for five occupants, and the interior, while not overflowing with luxury, is well-equipped and comfortable. Chunky grab handles and supportive seats make climbing in and out a breeze, even after a long day on the job. Storage options are plentiful, with cubbies and compartments scattered throughout the cabin, keeping your tools and essentials close at hand.

The T90 EV's load bed is a cavernous 1,570mm long, 1,620mm wide, and 530mm deep, swallowing a generous 2,120 litres of cargo. Whether you're hauling building supplies, camping gear, or your latest DIY project, the T90 EV has the capacity to handle it all without breaking a sweat. Drop-down sides and a tailgate make loading and unloading a cinch, while the sturdy bed liner protects against scratches and dents. Its strong design emphasises on strength, giving it a payload of 1 ton and a towing capacity of 1,500kg.

Interior and Trims

Step inside the Maxus T90 EV and you're greeted by a cabin that prioritizes practicality over plushness. It's not a luxury spa on wheels, but it is a well-equipped and comfortable workspace for tackling tasks and adventures.

The Maxus T90 EV comes equipped with a standard set of features, including a touch-controlled infotainment screen positioned at the centre of the dashboard. While it incorporates desirable elements like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, it also exhibits certain idiosyncrasies.

One notable aspect is the screen's alignment, which is directly parallel to the front of the vehicle rather than being slightly angled towards the driver. Although this isn't particularly troublesome in low-light conditions, it presents suboptimal ergonomics.

Fortunately, the heating controls are conveniently located below the screen, although operating them may require removing gloves. However, managing many other systems involves the screen, leading to a somewhat cumbersome and slow setup. The inclusion of phone mirroring capability adds a positive dimension to the overall experience.

In comparison to basic versions of competing trucks, the Maxus T90 EV offers a cabin with more features but falls behind the top contenders in terms of screen functionality, material quality, and the overall sense of luxury. However, it does have the appeal of zero emissions.

One trim level available: Elite.

The Standard kit for the Elite model encompasses a range of features designed to enhance the overall driving experience. These include a multi-functional steering wheel, artificial leather upholstery for added comfort, and power-adjustable front seats for customizable seating positions. The 25-inch touchscreen is a central hub equipped with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Bluetooth connectivity, ensuring seamless integration with various devices. Practical amenities such as manual air conditioning, 220V and 12V power sockets, and halogen headlights contribute to a convenient and comfortable driving environment. The 17-inch alloy wheels not only provide a stylish aesthetic but also contribute to the vehicle's performance. Safety features are also prioritized with the inclusion of a reversing camera and rear parking sensors, helping during manoeuvres and enhancing overall safety awareness.

Power and Performance

Maxus T90 comes with a single, potent electric motor generating 150kW (roughly 204bhp) of power. This might not match the monstrous figures of some petrol rivals, but its instant torque provides surprisingly brisk acceleration. You'll zip from 0-62mph in a respectable 9.7 seconds, leaving many a surprised sedan driver in your dust.

The T90 EV tackles this with a sizeable 88.5kWh battery pack, offering an official range of up to 220 miles on a single charge. That's enough for most everyday tasks and even weekend getaways if you plan your charging stops strategically. And when you do need to plug in, fast charging can replenish the battery from 20% to 80% in just 45 minutes, ideal for a quick lunch break top-up.

Maxus T90 Interior

While the T90 EV isn't the best off-the-road, it does have decent off-road capabilities. Its high ground clearance lets you venture beyond the tarmac with confidence. Whether it's navigating muddy tracks or tackling a steep incline, the T90 EV has enough muscle to handle most light-duty adventures. The first versions will all only be rear-wheel drive, though Maxus says that a 4WD version will be following later.

Overall, the Maxus T90 EV is a compelling option for businesses and eco-conscious drivers seeking a practical and capable electric pickup. Its strengths lie in its spacious cargo bed, decent performance, and quiet operation. However, its handling quirks, range limitations, and slightly budget-feeling interior hold it back from rivals for now. But the T90 EV is worth a look at and makes a great leasing option. 

Leasing vs Buying

The Maxus T90 is now available for purchase at a starting on-the-road price of £59,940.00*, or it can be leased with monthly payments starting from £692.49.

If you're considering leasing a Maxus T90, we proudly offer excellent car leasing services in the UK. Our leasing deals include a manufacturer's warranty, road tax, breakdown insurance, and free delivery to most areas of the UK mainland (excluding specific regions).

Leasing a Maxus T90 can often be a more financially advantageous option compared to purchasing outright, thanks to the fixed monthly payments, variable mileage options, low initial rental, and flexible contract durations.

It's important to note that the 'on-the-road' price mentioned includes a year's road fund license, DVLA first registration fee, and a number plate fee. Please be aware that this price is accurate at the time of publication and is subject to change. To get the most up-to-date information, we recommend contacting your nearest retailer.