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Why Lease The Vito Tourer?

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Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer Review 2024

The Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer stands as a high-quality 9-seater MPV van crafted to transport you and your passengers with utmost comfort. Boasting an impressive lineage, it assures luxurious practicality, catering to both families and executives.

Rivals to the Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer include the Ford Transit Custom and Volkswagen Transporter Shuttle.

Our Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer review covers:

Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer Key Features

  • Modern, attractive exterior with sculpted lines and elegant grille
  • Premium interior with high-quality materials and meticulous build quality 
  • Up to 9 Seats in the interior
  • Range of engines with different outputs
  • Two trim levels are available: Pro and Select

Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer Pros and Cons:


  • Advanced technology
  • Car-like driving experience
  • Luxurious and spacious interior


  • High price tag
  • Running costs
  • Not as fuel-efficient as some rivals

Design, Practicality and Boot Space

Forget clunky cargo carriers, the Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer shakes off its commercial van roots with a sleek and stylish design. The sculpted lines and elegant grille wouldn't be out of place on a top-tier SUV, making it a far cry from its boxy brethren. Standard 17-inch alloys and optional metallic paint add a touch of luxury, while the long wheelbase hints at the spacious haven within.

Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer Exterior

Stepping inside, the Vito Tourer transforms into a plush people carrier. High-quality materials and meticulous build quality create an undeniable premium ambience. The seats are sumptuous, offering generous support and adjustment for all nine passengers (yes, nine!). Think airport shuttle one day, family camping trip the next – the second and third rows swivel and fold independently, allowing for infinite configurations to suit your needs. Panoramic windows bathe the interior in natural light, further enhancing the airy feel.

Behind the plush seats lies a cargo haven. With all the seats in place, there's enough space for suitcases, camping gear, or even a couple of bikes. But fold those seats down, and the transformation is remarkable. The van stretches to accommodate up to a whopping 4.6 cubic metres of stuff – enough to swallow furniture, musical instruments, or even a small builder's yard, if that's your thing. And for those tight parking spots, the optional electrically operated tailgate makes loading and unloading a breeze.

Interior and Trims

Forget the utilitarian boxiness of vans, the Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer's interior is a masterclass in plush practicality. From the moment you open the door, you're greeted by soft-touch surfaces, elegant leatherette accents, and metallic detailing that wouldn't be out of place in a top-tier SUV. Forget scratchy plastics and flimsy trims, the Vito Tourer pampers you with a level of quality that surpasses its commercial van roots.

Whether you're ferrying the family on a camping trip or shuttling colleagues in style, the Vito Tourer has a nine-seat seating configuration for every occasion. Up front, the driver and co-pilot enjoy supportive, adjustable seats with lumbar support, perfect for conquering long journeys. In the back, the magic unfolds. Choose from two or three rows of individual seats, each offering generous legroom and headroom that even NBA players would envy. And the versatility doesn't stop there. Second and third-row seats swivel and fold independently, allowing you to create bespoke layouts that suit your needs.

The Vito Tourer boasts panoramic windows that bathe the interior in natural light, creating an airy and spacious feel. No matter where you're sitting, you'll feel connected to the outside world, making even the longest journeys a pleasure.

Two trim levels are available: Pro and Select.

The Pro trim is the essence of functional elegance. Standard features like 17-inch steel wheels, a rear door tailgate, heated electrically adjustable mirrors, tinted windows, and twin sliding doors ensure a comfortable and convenient experience. Whether you're using the Vito Tourer for business or family adventures, the Pro offers all the essentials wrapped in a no-nonsense package.

For those who seek a touch of luxury, the Select trim elevates the experience further. Building on the Pro's features, it adds stylish 17-inch light alloy wheels (design dependent on engine choice), a gleaming chrome grille, and colour-matched front and rear bumpers. These subtle enhancements inject a touch of sophistication into the Vito Tourer's exterior, turning heads wherever you go.

Power and Performance

The Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer doesn't just pamper you with plush interiors and versatile seating; it's got the muscle to match. Underneath the sleek bonnet lies a choice of potent powertrains, ensuring you arrive at your destination refreshed and on time.

The Vito Tourer range is a proven and efficient diesel engine. Choose from either a 1.9-litre or a 2.0-litre variant, each delivering a punchy dose of power and torque. The 1.9-litre offers a respectable 131bhp, while the 2.0-litre comes in three flavours: 150bhp, 170bhp, and a range-topping 190bhp. Whether you're cruising down the motorway or tackling winding country roads, these engines provide effortless performance and impressive fuel economy.

If you're looking for a greener ride, the e-Vito is your answer. This all-electric variant boasts a whisper-quiet 110kW motor and a 140-mile range, perfect for city commutes and short-distance adventures. Say goodbye to petrol stations and hello to zero-emissions motoring.

Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer Interior

No matter which engine you choose, the Vito Tourer comes paired with a smooth and responsive 9-speed automatic transmission. This ensures seamless gear changes and optimal power delivery, making every journey a breeze. And on the handling front, don't let its size fool you. The Vito Tourer navigates corners with surprising agility thanks to its well-balanced suspension and precise steering.

Overall, the Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer is a compelling proposition for those seeking a spacious, luxurious, and versatile MPV. Its premium interior, comfortable ride, and impressive tech arsenal make it a great leasing option. 

Leasing vs Buying

The Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer is now available for purchase at a starting on-the-road price of £50,358.00*, or it can be leased with monthly payments starting from £553.17.

If you're considering leasing a Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer, we proudly offer excellent car leasing services in the UK. Our leasing deals include a manufacturer's warranty, road tax, breakdown insurance, and free delivery to most areas of the UK mainland (excluding specific regions).

Leasing a Mercedes-Benz Vito Tourer can often be a more financially advantageous option compared to purchasing outright, thanks to the fixed monthly payments, variable mileage options, low initial rental, and flexible contract durations.

It's important to note that the 'on-the-road' price mentioned includes a year's road fund license, DVLA first registration fee, and a number plate fee. Please be aware that this price is accurate at the time of publication and is subject to change. To get the most up-to-date information, we recommend contacting your nearest retailer.