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Servicing Your Leased Pickup Truck

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19th May 2023
Ford Ranger

What is a pickup truck service?

What is included in a service for my pickup truck?

Why is it important to get my lease pickup truck serviced?

Pickup truck service

blue pickup truck graphic with petrol pump

Running efficiency

blue pickup truck with wear and tear

Wear and tear

blue pickup truck with spanner graphic

Service checks

blue pickup truck with calendar graphic

Vehicle lifespan

How often are the service intervals on my lease pickup?

Is maintenance and servicing included in my monthly payments?

When you take out a lease on a pick-up truck, you must ensure that the vehicle is serviced at regular intervals as advised by the manufacturer. A service is an essential part of your lease agreement, as well as an important part of the manufacturer's warranty.

Keith Hawes
Director - Nationwide Vehicle Contracts

Do I have to use a main dealer to service my lease pickup?

I need to replace the tyres on my leased pickup, what brand should I use?

Toyota Hilux

Is it worth buying a servicing and maintenance contract for a new pickup truck?

How much is the cost of servicing a leased pickup truck?

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