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Why Lease The Vivaro?

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Vauxhall Vivaro Review 2024

The Vauxhall Vivaro, a mainstay in the UK's light commercial vehicle market, has long been favoured for its blend of practicality and performance. The latest iteration of the Vivaro continues this tradition, boasting improvements that cater to the needs of modern businesses and individual users alike.

Rivals to the Vauxhall Vivaro include the Ford Transit Custom and Volkswagen Transporter.

Our Vauxhall Vivaro review covers:

Vauxhall Vivaro Key Features

  • Professional appearance with a robust and sleek exterior
  • Comfortable and driver-focused interior with an array of modern technology features
  • Payload ranges from around 1,000kg to 1,400kg
  • Range of engine options 
  • Two trim levels are available: Prime and Pro

Vauxhall Vivaro Pros and Cons:


  • Comfortable Cabin
  • Robust Build Quality
  • Versatility and Practicality


  • Payload Limitations
  • Cabin Can Be Cramped
  • Standard Safety Kit Could Be Better

Design, Practicality and Boot Space

The Vauxhall Vivaro's design is a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics, a hallmark of Vauxhall's approach to vehicle design. The exterior presents a modern and professional look characterized by clean lines and a robust stance. The front grille and headlight design are particularly notable, giving the Vivaro a distinctive face that's both appealing and assertive.

The bodywork is designed with practicality in mind, featuring durable materials suited for the demands of commercial use. The paint finishes and detailing are of high quality, ensuring the vehicle maintains its professional appearance even under rigorous working conditions.

Vauxhall Vivaro Exterior

Practicality is at the core of the Vivaro's design philosophy. The vehicle is engineered to cater to a wide range of commercial needs, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. The cabin is spacious and thoughtfully laid out, with an emphasis on driver comfort and ergonomics. Controls are intuitively placed, ensuring ease of use during long drives. The Vivaro often comes with a variety of door configurations, including sliding side doors and rear barn doors, enhancing its practicality in different loading and unloading scenarios. This flexibility is particularly beneficial in tight urban spaces or crowded work sites.

The Vauxhall Vivaro's payload ranges from around 1,000kg to 1,400kg. The load area is spacious and well-proportioned, allowing for efficient use of space. It can accommodate a variety of cargo types, from standard parcels to bulkier items, thanks to its square-shaped and obstruction-free design. The payload capacity is competitive within its class, ensuring that the Vivaro can handle substantial loads. Additionally, the interior is often configurable, with options for shelving or storage solutions, further enhancing its utility for different types of businesses.

Interior and Trims

The interior of the new Vauxhall Vivaro is a blend of functionality and comfort, designed with the needs of the modern driver and passengers in mind. The cabin space is characteristically spacious, offering ample room for both the driver and occupants. The seats are ergonomically designed, providing support and comfort, which is particularly important for those spending extended periods in the vehicle.

Attention to detail is evident in the cabin layout. The dashboard is intuitively designed, with controls and instruments placed for easy reach and visibility. This user-friendly layout enhances the driving experience, making it less taxing and more enjoyable. Vauxhall has consistently paid attention to the quality of materials used in the Vivaro. The latest models typically feature durable and hard-wearing materials suited for the demands of a commercial vehicle. The trims and finishes are thoughtfully selected to withstand regular use while maintaining a professional and clean appearance.

Modern iterations of the Vivaro are equipped with a range of technology features aimed at enhancing connectivity and convenience. This includes advanced infotainment systems with touchscreen displays, Bluetooth connectivity, and satellite navigation. Such features not only provide entertainment and information but are also crucial for efficient route planning and communication.

Two trim levels are available: Prime and Pro. 

The Prime version of this model is equipped with several notable features. These include 16-inch steel wheels painted in black, windscreen wipers that adjust to rainfall, headlamps that activate automatically, a touchscreen display measuring 7 inches with full color, sensors at the rear for parking assistance, and lamps for fog at the front.

Building upon the features of the Prime, the Pro version offers additional enhancements. This variant exclusively adds a FlexCargo pass-through partition in the Panel Van, a driver's seat adjustable in six directions with lumbar support and an armrest, running lights with LED technology for daytime visibility, a security system with remote control operation, and exterior components matching the body colour.

Power and Performance

The new Vauxhall Vivaro packs a punch when it comes to power and performance, offering a range of engines to suit different needs. Whether you're zipping around city streets or tackling motorway miles, there's a Vivaro to get you there efficiently and effortlessly.

The Euro 6d-Full compliant diesel engines are available in two sizes: 1.5-litre and 2.0-litre.

The 1.5-litre Turbo D comes in two flavours: 100PS for fuel-conscious driving and 120PS for a bit more oomph. Both deliver ample torque for everyday tasks, making them ideal for urban deliveries and smaller loads.

For heavier demands, the 2.0-litre Turbo D offers three options: 120PS, 150PS, and a top-of-the-line 180PS. These engines provide impressive pulling power and acceleration, making them perfect for longer journeys and larger payloads.

Vauxhall Vivaro Interior

All Vivaro diesel engines come paired with a six-speed manual gearbox as standard. For the 120PS 2.0-litre model and the range-topping 180PS version, an eight-speed automatic gearbox is available, offering smooth gear changes and effortless driving. Vauxhall has focused on balancing strong performance with fuel efficiency in the Vivaro. The 1.5-litre engines return impressive CO2 emissions figures, while the 2.0-litre powertrains offer a good compromise between power and fuel economy.

The Vivaro's power is matched by its handling capabilities. Despite being a commercial vehicle, it manages to offer a car-like driving experience. The steering is precise, giving the driver good control and feedback, which is particularly beneficial in navigating through tight urban spaces. The suspension system is robust and designed to handle varying loads without compromising on ride comfort.

Leasing vs Buying

The Vauxhall Vivaro is now available for purchase at a starting on-the-road price of £32,298.00*, or it can be leased with monthly payments starting from £343.68.

If you're considering leasing a Vauxhall Vivaro, we proudly offer excellent car leasing services in the UK. Our leasing deals include a manufacturer's warranty, road tax, breakdown insurance, and free delivery to most areas of the UK mainland (excluding specific regions).

Leasing a Vauxhall Vivaro can often be a more financially advantageous option compared to purchasing outright, thanks to the fixed monthly payments, variable mileage options, low initial rental, and flexible contract durations.

It's important to note that the 'on-the-road' price mentioned includes a year's road fund license, DVLA first registration fee, and a number plate fee. Please be aware that this price is accurate at the time of publication and is subject to change. To get the most up-to-date information, we recommend contacting your nearest retailer.