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Sell your current vehicle quickly and simply.

Here at Nationwide Vehicle Contracts we understand that you want to take advantage of one of our great lease deals as soon as possible but that you may have an existing car that you need to sell first. That’s why we’ve teamed up with WeBuyAnyCar, the UK's largest car buying service to help you sell your car quickly and easily.

Simply enter your registration number above to get an instant valuation for free. WeBuyAnyCar will then value your vehicle based on its condition and its current market value via their free, fair and competitive car valuation tool. Their 7 day price guarantee also allows you to secure the price you received online for the 7 days following your valuation, regardless of any decreases in market value.

Visit WeBuyAnyCar.com
Visit WeBuyAnyCar.com


WeBuyAnyCar FAQ

Who are WeBuyAnyCar?

WeBuyAnyCar are the UK's largest car buying service. Since 2006, they have helped over 1 million customers to sell their car and over 250 branches nationwide.

Will WeBuyAnyCar guarantee to buy my car for the amount stated in the online valuation?

The price you see online is dependent on the information that you give WeBuyAnyCar about your car. They try to make this price as accurate as possible but it's not until they see your car and give it an onsite inspection that they can offer you a final price for your car.

It's worth remembering however that WeBuyAnyCar want to buy your car at a price that makes you happy and would make you want to sell with them again in the future.

If I choose to sell my car via WeBuyAnyCar, can I use the valuation price towards my initial rental?

WeBuyAnyCar and Nationwide Vehicle Contracts do not offer a part exchange service so if you wish to use the money offered by WeBuyAnyCar for your current car towards the initial rental of your new lease vehicle, you must ensure the sale is completed and the funds are cleared in your account before you are required to pay the initial rental.

I have outstanding finance against my current car, can WeBuyAnyCar still buy it?

WeBuyAnyCar can arrange settlement of any outstanding finance on your car. For them to do this, we will need you to provide an in date letter from your finance company, detailing the current settlement figure and your agreement reference number.

The settlement amount will be deducted from the amount paid to you for your car. WeBuyAnyCar will pay your finance company within 4 working days after the day of sale.

If you owe more on your finance than the value of the car, WeBuyAnyCar will still be happy to buy the car, however you will need to pay the shortfall by debit/credit card when they purchase your car.

Is there a transaction fee if I decide to sell my car via WeBuyAnyCar?

If you decide to sell your vehicle via WeBuyAnyCar, then a transaction fee may apply at the point of sale. The transaction fee depends on the final price:

  • There is no transaction fee applicable for cars valued below £99.99 (subject to minimum valuation of £50)
  • A transaction fee of £49.99 is applicable for vehicles valued at £100.00 to £3,999.99
  • A transaction fee of £59.99 is applicable for vehicles valued at £4,000.00 to £4,999.99
  • Where the Price is £5,000 or more, the transaction fee is £74.99

There is no transaction fee if you choose not to sell your car with WeBuyAnyCar.

How and when will I receive payment for my car?

Payment will be made directly to your bank account within 4 working days after the day of sale, using the standard electronic bank transfer service. There is no charge for this service.

WeBuyAnyCar also offer a next working day payment service at an additional fee of £24.75 and a same day Premier Payment option to selected customers for an additional fee of £29.75.

How do I make an appointment?

Once you have your online valuation, you can then choose a branch, day and time for your appointment via WeBuyAnyCar’s website and they’ll confirm your appointment by email.

If you don’t book your appointment straight away, the quickest way for you to do this at a later stage would be to simply click on the link in your initial valuation email, select which branch you would like to visit and on what date and time.

All of the appointments are free, with no obligation to sell.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

  • Your car. WeBuyAnyCar do not offer a collection service you will need to bring your vehicle with you on the day of the appointment.
  • The V5 logbook/registration certificate. This must be registered in the name of the current keeper. If the V5 logbook/registration certificate is still in the owner's maiden name, you will need to bring a copy of your marriage certificate.

  • Two forms of identification. One must be an original photo ID (such as a passport) and one should be a proof of address item (accepted forms include a utility bill or council tax letter dated within the last 9 months). These must match the name and address on the vehicle logbook.

  • All service history and MOT certificates (if available).

  • Both sets of car keys. Unless you've told WeBuyAnyCar otherwise, the valuation provided assumes you have 2 sets of keys for your vehicle. If you've only got 1 key, the price offered to you after inspection may be reduced.

  • Bank details so WeBuyAnyCar can pay you for your car. The account has to be in the name of the registered keeper.

  • Finance settlement letter. If the vehicle has any finance outstanding then WeBuyAnyCar need a letter with the settlement figure from the finance company to be able to buy the vehicle.

  • Any extras such as the locking wheel nuts for the alloy wheels (where fitted), any detachable fascias and security codes for the radio, the security code for obtaining replacement keys and any discs required for the satellite navigation system.

Can I sell a car on behalf of a company?

Yes, you will need you to bring along the following with you on the day of the inspection:

  • A form of photo identification for the person bringing the car.
  • Letter signed from the company director giving authorisation for that person to sell on their behalf.
  • Company account details e.g. bank paying in book or company bank statement.
  • One form of identification for the business address.
  • Both sets of car keys if available.
  • All service history and MOT certificates if available.
  • V5 logbook/registration certificate registered in the company's name and address.

Further documentation may be required, however you will be advised of this prior to visiting your local branch.