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Opening this weekend at London's ExCeL, EcoVelocity is set to become the first UK car show to be truly carbon neutral.

EcoVelocity plan on offsetting the carbon emissions of the show – and its visitors' travel to and from the event – through supporting a ground breaking hydro-electric project in India.

The second ever EcoVelocity event, running from the 5-13 May, is a low carbon motor show which will allow for visitors to learn about the latest developments in low carbon and zero emission vehicles. In addition, they can sample this technology in a real-world context through taking a hands-on test drive on a 3.5 mile route through London.

All of this exciting right-on green excellence would not be possible were it not for EcoVelocity's partnership with Carbon Neutral Investments (CNI).

Says CNI's Edward Carlton: "Having seen the success of EcoVelocity in 2011 first hand, CNI are delighted to form a new partnership for this year's event.

“EcoVelocity has taken the position as the UK’s major motoring show and, with all the exhibitors boasting impressive low emissions in their automotive products, it's important that the organisers can demonstrate the same values.

“We're delighted to support EcoVelocity by offsetting the carbon emissions of the show, and also of all the visitors' travel to and from Excel - making it the UK's first carbon neutral car show."

Are you going? Well, do enjoy yourself.

And whilst enjoying yourself, know that your enjoyment is beautifully carbon neutral!

Does that make it more or less enjoyable?

I don't know about the former, but it certainly can't be the latter.