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'Tis the season for churning out rumours as motorsport fans try to keep busy and the media give us all things to ponder with "What If's" and "Did You Knows".  One quick word of advice is not to believe everything you read. 

There is one story however which is not quite a rumour, however hasn't been totally confirmed by anyone which is believable.  That would be the one floating about with regards to Ferrari having let elapsed Massa's contract option deadline.

It is unclear if such a deadline actually exists. We only know for certain that Italy's Autosprint Magazine "reported" that the option expired. This would lead most of us to believe that such a clause was present to begin with.

Massa, now 31 years of age has entered a stage of uncertainty about his career, and more specifically about his future with Ferrari.  There is much talk about replacement drivers, with names such as Jenson, Kimi, Lewis, Di Resta, Perez etc...  It must be somewhat disconcerting to Massa to learn that Webber had admitted to talks with the Maranello based team.  To the Brazilian’s relief I suppose, Webber decided to re-sign with Red Bull for one more season.

Massa's form this season has been rather poor.  One might see it as a continuation from last season's less than spirited form that was attributed to the car and struggles to acclimatize with the new Pirelli tyres.  To make matters worse for Felipe, his team mate currently has a 40 point lead in the championship.

There is no doubt that Massa would love to remain at Ferrari for years to come and even challenge for the title, however, It is quite doubtful that he will ever get another chance to repeat what he achieved in 2008.  It's been a downhill spiral since that moment when for less than a handful of seconds, he was champion.

If the story/rumour is true that Ferrari has allowed the option to expire, then the writing may certainly already be in bold bright letters on the wall.  Massa may be the author of his own destiny at this point.  If he can ink a story book ending to the second half of the season, he may save his seat for 2013.  Otherwise, He'll be looking to start a new chapter in his Formula One career...a chapter that does not include Ferrari in its title.