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McLaren-12C-MSO-Concept- FRONT PICTURE

McLaren has recently revealed a brand new version of its 12C supercar called the MP4-12C MSO. The car exhibits the boldest and best options from McLarens Special Operations customization range, offering customers an impressive new addition to the automotive family.

McLaren has placed a great deal of effort into the 12C MSO’s design by including a slew of in-house modifiers.  Amongst these include a new bonnet, front splitter, front wings, Airbreak spoiler made out of the latest carbon fiber, as well as a carbon snorkel that takes in even more air.

This attention to detail is carrier forward throughout the car as each small piece, most notably the lightweight titanium wheel bolts as well as oil and water filler caps, sheds weight off the 12C, making it an incredibly agile vehicle.

Inside the car, McLaren has made some subtle but important changes. They specially crafted a two-tone white and black steering wheel along with a white trim center consol. All these instruments gravitate towards the large LED system designed to give the most accurate readings in the quickest time.

The MSO comes with the original supercar’s twin-turbo 3.8-litre V8 engine with 625bhp. While there is no information on how fast this model will go, its lightweight shell will certainly beat the standard car’s time, making this a particularly good choice for drivers with a need for speed.

The Special Operation bespoke division grew out of the seminal McLaren F1 line, where each car was crafted to the specifications of the customers. The team carriers a ‘starting with the driver ‘mentality that makes each of these exclusive cars feel like they were made just for you, pushing ideas to their limits.

While there is no word yet as to when the cars will be available or how much they will cost, it’s a safe bet that it’ll be a lot. Stay tuned to Nationwide Vehicle Contracts for any updates on this exciting model as they become available.