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Richard King (RED) and Ian McIntosh (ingenie)

Richard King (ingenie) and Ian McIntosh (RED)

When you pass your driving test, the hard work starts; Not only on the road, but off it too as you try and get driving insurance – and when you are a young driver that can often be easier said than done without breaking the bank.

If you are lucky enough to get a car, there’s all those nasty insurance companies out there waiting to give you an insurance premium cost that is similar to the National Debt and has more zeros than a googol. But help is at hand, young person.

Insurance company ingenie have joined forces with RED Driving School (the largest driving school in the UK helping 100,000 learner drivers to pass the UK government driving test each year) in what is believed to be the first deal in the UK between a driving school and an insurance provider to help you, offering “a 5% discount to all new drivers who have had 10 or more hours of professional tuition with RED Driving School.” According to their figures this will mean an annual premium saving of around £100 to the average 17 year-old customer.

As you will no doubt know, as hopefully a regular reader of this blog, ingenie use a telematics black box installed in the car that measures just how safely its 17-25 year old policyholders are driving, which means that they will be able to reward their young drivers with even more discounts.

The RED Driving School tie-in?

That’s all come about because ingenie believe that RED Driving school ‘passers’ are, in the long run, safer than ‘passers’ from other driving schools.

Commenting on the RED discount and the partnership between the two, Richard King, founder and CEO at ingenie said: “RED and ingenie are two organisations coming together to help young drivers get on the road for less, and to do it safely. In that spirit we are delighted to be able to further incentivise our customers with this discount, because we’re seeing that RED learners are generally safer than other new drivers.

“Getting on the road can be hugely expensive when you’re young, so giving a significant insurance discount for RED-trained drivers will make a big difference to our customers. This is, of course, the first of a number of discounts our customers could earn – including quarterly discounts for good driving, and renewal prices which are on average half the customer’s starting price.”

Keeping those costs down is important to ingenie, as they exclusively insure 17 to 25 year olds who often struggle to find affordable premiums elsewhere. And the way that they do it is to install in every car, a black box that is fitted out of sight and collects data on how the car is being driven. Via the information that the box collects and sends to the insurers, a profile of the driver is built up taking note of not only their individual style, but also their awareness and safety on the road by looking at key areas such as speed, cornering, braking and acceleration.

Good drivers are rewarded with cheaper insurance premiums with up to 10% discount and those who need improvements get told how to achieve it under the 3-month assessment programme. In fact, according to ingenie, 70% of their drivers get a discount after receiving feedback.

This learning curve is, according to Richard King, is completed by many of their drivers that have passed through the ranks of a RED Driving School where they believe that young drivers are taught to drive with a greater appreciation of safety; making the combination of RED’s tuition and ingenie’s on-going feedback a perfect match.

“RED Driving School is all about giving its learners the skills and confidence to pass their test and to drive safely beyond the test stage. We have an on-going commitment to ensuring new drivers who pass their test are extremely safety conscious in a bid to make Britain’s roads a safer place to drive. This insurance deal with ingenie helps to reward young drivers for safe driving by reducing their insurance costs. We hope that by rewarding safer driving, we will encourage safer driving,” said Ian McIntosh, Chief Executive at RED Driving School.